Seth Keshel – The “Why” of Election Fraud

Seth Keshel – The “Why” of Election Fraud

Seth Keshel is a friend.  He appeared at the ACWT conference in September; you can view his conference presentation here.

Seth has a way of stating things succinctly and well…his recent post on Telegram is a perfect example:

Why did the 2020 election have to be ripped off?

It was not about Trump, conservatives, or Republicans. It was about his agenda. Had he pulled an Arnold and blended into the political establishment in short time, he’d have had his re-election recognized and a second term.

This had to do with the realignment of American industry to support American workers, cessation of endless warfare that profits the military industrial complex at expense of American lives, elimination of corrupt trade deals and pacts, immigration controls to benefit the legitimate needs and interests of the country, among other things.

China was being bent over the barrel by these trade realignments. Trade is the issue that put the Midwest on a hard Republican trend. Another four years of that would have put the world on an irreversible course with America as the dominant power.

The global interests could not allow that. Hence, the 2020 election conspiracy.

Not anti-Trump.

Not anti-Republican.

Not anti-conservative.

Anti-America First.