Show Highlights for the week ending on Friday, June 30th, 2023

Show Highlights for the week ending on Friday, June 30th, 2023

Welcome to the AmericaCanWeTalk Weekly Email for the week ending on Friday, June 30th, 2023!     
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Personally … (my weekly column for you!)


Hello My Very Fine Friends,  


July 4th, Independence Day, celebrates an extraordinary step in human history and in the struggle for human freedom —  the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4th, 1776.  The signers of the Declaration showed enormous courage by signing on, as did the Continental Congress by passing it.


I LOVE July 4th – the flags sprouting up in front of homes and neighborhoods and businesses, the small town July 4th parades with decorated fire trucks and kids riding bikes and tricycles waving flags, the BBQs and picnics and community gatherings, and the fireworks after dark, rounding out the day’s festivities.


But especially in 2023, Independence Day is a wake-up call holiday. It is so much more than an honoring again of the bravery of the Declaration’s signers, and more than an anniversary of the Continental Congress’s decision to pass the Declaration.


It is about recognizing that on a day to day basis, and in a thousand different ways, we choose whether to cherish and defend freedom, or to let it fritter away. We should all ask ourselves whether and how we are either knowingly surrendering to or else being lured or duped by the deceptive wrapping paper or code language used to sell tyranny today such as “we are just trying to help” and “we’re trying to make the world a fairer place” and the most sinister “you need to surrender your freedom so we can keep you safe.”


There has never been a shortage of men (and women) who lust for power and control over other people. They are present in abundance today in America, disguised as climate alarmists who wish to outlaw fossil fuels and mandate electric cars and end suburbs and coerce 15-minute cities into existence, mandatory vaccine advocates, reparations supporting social justice warriors, globalists who oppose national sovereignty and the primacy of nation states (most especially America itself), and trans-grooming pronoun police, to name but a few.


The Anti-American Leftists who are now running America today think they are winning, and believe through canceling, bullying with language, and intimidating Americans, that their gradual destruction of the idea of American-style freedom will prevail.


Despite these mockery mob tactics leftists use to silence even a hint of a discussion on any issue, Freedom Lovers are speaking up more and more in today’s America. From parent groups standing firm on eliminating the indoctrination of their kids on CRT and trans grooming, to those fighting for gun ownership rights because they understand the deepest point of the Second Amendment is that the 2A is there to keep the balance of power between the government and the people, and on many more issues, Americans are speaking up.


The U.S. Supreme Court stepped up YUGELY in defense of freedom this week in at least two cases. The reactions of some are eye-opening.


SCOTUS ruled in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard that affirmative action, preferring some college applicants over others based on skin color, violates the equal protection clause. Legalized racial discrimination is a freedom issue, depriving Americans of all backgrounds of the fundamental presumption of equal treatment.


A proud Democrat Field Organizer for Biden and Volunteer for the Obama Foundation tweeted in response:


Erica Marsh has apologized for this tweet, but to many, she said the quiet part out loud, verifying the unstated but ubiquitous soft bigotry of low expectations that black conservatives (and all thinking Americans) deplore, and many leftists in America appear to secretly harbor.


To be sure, no one claims America is now or ever was perfect, and no one claims that racial or other forms of discrimination have been eliminated from America or from humanity in general. But discrimination is still unlawful and actionable in court, while the push for affirmative action in perpetuity means (reverse) race discrimination in perpetuity.


SCOTUS also ruled in 303 Creative LLC vs Elenis this week that creative service providers cannot be forced to speak and take positions they do not agree with. In short, a website developer who holds genuinely held religious beliefs about marriage cannot be forced to create a wedding announcement website for a same sex couple, because creating a website is a form of creative speech, and Americans should not be forced to say things that are contrary to their deeply held beliefs.


If this decision strikes you as not really a free speech issue, consider how wrong it would be if I or any conservative were forced to be a speechwriter for Hillary Clinton, or for an advocate for communism or globalism, or any other case or person we strongly disagree with. The point of free speech includes the idea of NOT being forced to say things you don’t agree with. This is one point where the coercive mindset of today’s American leftists is exposed. Did you know that the Michigan State House passed a bill making it a felony to use the wrong pronoun for someone, punishable by up to a $10,000 fine? So people must bow to trans-truth, regardless of their own beliefs.


My two show guests on AmericaCanWeTalk this past week are both brave, truth-telling freedom advocates, and I urge you to listen to our interviews.  Victor Avila speaks boldly about the need for strong border enforcement and is running for Congress by speaking truth about the danger posed to all Americans by our unenforced border, and he has a life story to back up his beliefs. Michele Tafoya left an amazing and successful career as the NFL SNF top sideline reporter, to begin speaking up about America’s greatness and goodness, and to respond to the lies she was hearing about what America is really all about.


Thank you for watching and listening to AmericaCanWeTalk.  I LOVE that you are part of the AmericaCanWeTalk family, and in this fight for America with me.


Have a blessed, patriotic, thoughtful, gratitude-for-America-and-fireworks filled Independence Day. Read the Declaration as part of your celebration!


Speak Truth About America.
Facts Matter.  Truth Matters.  America Matters. 
I’ll talk to you next week. I can’t wait!
Because America Matters, 


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Shows This Week:
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Recent Interviews:
Victor Avila is a retired Supervisory Special Agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He suffered multiple gunshot wounds and survived a violent ambush by the Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel while serving. He’s a strong and very knowledgeable advocate for border security.
And NOW he is running for U.S. Congress to represent Texas, CD 23. Stellar candidate and patriot, right here!


Michele Tafoya is famous for her long-running and very successful work as the NFL’s Sunday Night Football sideline reporter. She won four Emmy Awards and many other accolades for her sports-reporting work. And now she has a better job – she has launched the Michele Tafoya podcast and is engaged in the fight to save, rescue, and uplift America. In our interview we talked about the attack on women and women’s sports presented by the trans-ideology, the ongoing assault on the greatness and goodness of America by leftists who try to convince their fellow Americans to hate their own country, and much more.




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Because America Matters, 
Debbie Georgatos
Host: America, Can We Talk?
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