Show Highlights: Week of April 29

Show Highlights: Week of April 29

This past week on ACWT:

Stellar discussion with James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation about the crisis at our insecure southern border, and some brilliant options President Trump has to deal with the immigration issue, here.
Celebrating an unsung American hero who turned around a disastrous public charter school in California, and got “thanked” with an investigation and then a prosecution. (Spoiler alert: the good guy won.)
Countries buying China’s 5G network are paying China to spy on them. This is a massive security threat to America. Listen as Heritage expert Steve Bucci explains.
National Day of Prayer, but religious liberty alarm bells in California where a proposed new law would mandate that Catholic priests turn people in to the authorities for conduct they admit during the confession sacrament. Listen to this.
Candace Owens takes Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden to task for the absurd and fallacious reason he gave for announcing he is running for President in 2020. My take and her words.
Militant transgenderists strike at Google and beyond. Violating their “no discussion allowed” mandate, I talk about it here.

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