Show Highlights – Week of April 5, 2021

Show Highlights – Week of April 5, 2021

Welcome to the AmericaCanWeTalk Show Highlights for the week ending on Friday, April 9th, 2021! 

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Coming up this coming Thursday will be Pastor Rafael Cruz!


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Monday April 5th, 2021

Tuesday April 6th, 2021

Wednesday April 7th, 2021


Links to Top News & My Commentary from this past week:


A Canadian Christian pastor made international news and a viral video by shooing out covid-inspectors who attempted to enter his church service to inspect whether worshipers were complying with Canada’s covid mask and distancing regulations. This pastor called the invading inspectors Nazis, an overused slur, but he is a Polish immigrant who may have more of an understanding of what governmental tyranny looks like.


Charles Barkley of basketball fame spoke a simple, startling to the media, and powerful truth this past week when he told America that most people of every skin color are very good people, and we ought to stop letting politicians use racial accusations to divide us. TRUTH – out of the mouth of a famous, honest and well-loved athlete!


What it’ll take to save America. Courage, focus and relentlessness.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to show America what conservative leadership looks like! 60 Minutes wildly and deceptively edited his answer from a press conference related to awarding contracts for dispensing of the covid vaccine, exposing their overwhelming left-wing  bias. DeSantis has since said that 60 Minutes has not heard the end of this.


The Biden Infrastructure bill is a Marxist Trojan horse. We must understand and then fight this!


Georgia Boycott Backfire.  THEN .. Triple Blunder, Baseball, Biden and Media (Ga election law). The Left has worked itself into convulsions over false accusations about the milquetoast election integrity bill in Georgia, to the detriment of the black community there.


Buttigieg’s Fake News Bike story.


Links to Interviews from this past week:


Victor Avila Retired Supervisory ICE Special Agent Victor Avila joins me to talk truth and  deliver an eyewitness report about what is happening at America’s southern border. It’s worse than you think. Children endangered, coyotes and sex traffickers emboldened, drug cartels enriched.


Kim Crockett Minnesota-based Election Integrity and Voter Rights Advocate, attorney and widely respected policy analyst joined me to talk truth about what is really in Georgia’s election integrity law, how dangerous Congressional bill HR 1, the permanent election fraud mandate is, and how the Biden team intends to slip affirmatively furthering fair housing (AFFH), which is nationwide government-controlled housing into the infrastructure bill. Marxism has arrived!


Blog Posts this week:


Enjoy the Full Show Interview with Lt Col. Allen West

Mark Steyn’s brilliant points on the January 6th events at the Capitol. 

We Have Met the Enemy

From Dennis Prager: “Mask-wearing Represents Fear and Blind Obedience, Not Science                                            


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