Show Highlights – Week of April 6, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of April 6, 2020










Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Friends, I wish you all a blessed Easter and Passover season. In this holy season I know many of you are especially praying for God’s help in lifting every victim, every person, this nation and our world out of suffering, and out of the grip of fear.
Please sign the “Let Americans Work Again” WH petition
I filed a petition at the White House petition website, letting President Trump know that Americans support his mission to Let Americans Work Again. It needs 100,000 signatures by May 3.
If you agree with this goal, please
(1) sign the petition online – you can get to it here
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Please note that for shows this week and next, I am doing ACWT from my home studio, with Matt the wonderful doing his producer work from his home. The Texas shutdown continues.
Top News & My Commentary:
The  CCP (Chinese Communist Party) coronavirus continues to dominate the news but I wanted to share with you that I sense the tide is turning.
  • We are learning that models relied on to predict numbers of infected, hospitalized and dying are now known to have been greatly exaggerated.
  • We are learning that the  government’s emergency quarantine edicts and regulations that seemed justified when the virus first came to public attention, are expanding and intensifying despite that the numbers are not there to justify the expanding the police state-like conduct.
  • We are figuring out that other medical experts and doctors are also critical of the “freeze Americans in place indefinitely” policy choice over the “protect the vulnerable and keep America free” choice that could have been made.
  • We are waking up to and rejecting the authority that claims the right to enforce the indefinite suspension of liberty.
  • We are learning that numerous unacknowledged agendas are at play in shaping the public policy response to the CCP virus, and those agendas are antithetical to America’s freedom and future.
Virus-driven police state-like rules, regulation and conduct by local officials all over America threaten the premise of civil liberty.
America manipulated by the coronavirus? From the sobbing but fake nurse video that CBS put out to the world, to the Ezekiel Emanuel pronouncement that America should remain quarantined until the virus vaccine is ready, in about 12-18 months, “Yes” is the answer.
China is manipulating world opinion on the virus (or at least trying to), blaming America for what China did AND touting its own perfect response to the virus crisis.
Now that we know that the Virus is Forever, because Dr. Fauci told us that it’s likely to come back season after season, that must change our public policy in response to it.
Virus model madness AND virus numbers with a mission, in the context of reality.
Why the dissing of hydroxychloroquine  and the focus on and preference for “freeze in place until a vaccine is created”? Let me explain … 
A handful of brave Republican Members of Congress stepped up to “Just Say No” to more coronavirus stimulus spending, at least until we see impact of the first MASSIVE $ 2.2 trillion dollar corona-stimulus bill.
Trevor Loudon, author, master researcher and dot-connector, public speaker, activist, and defender of liberty, joined me to describe the danger and damage inflicted on America by the shutdown of our entire country over the coronavirus, from roadblocking Trump’s re-election to disabling the Trump America First Agenda including our rebuilding of the American military. He shared background info on the communist-affiliated funding behind presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, who is NO moderate, mainstream, Democrat.
Dr. Everett Piper, former college president, conservative columnist, and author  of “Not a Daycare” fame, joined me to talk about our country’s reaction to the coronavirus: the role of government in regulating churches, and the role of churches and people of faith in responding and caring for our country and neighbors.
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