Show Highlights – Week of August 17, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of August 17, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:
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AmericaCanWeTalk has some exciting news! I am hosting the first annual American Women + American Freedom conference in Dallas on September 26th! With a power-packed lineup of speakers, we’ll talk about the issues facing America, and offer a big dose of reality for women (and everyone!) about how radically America could change in just a few short months. Email me for ticket information, at [email protected].  Seating is limited.
Friends, I just returned from a small but powerful conference in Washington DC where we were honored to hear President Trump address the meeting. He left me inspired again with his courage, strength, and love of America. Other meeting speakers talked about the gravest challenges facing America, ranging from the threats posed to America by China, the Marxist roots and serious, dangerous intentions of the BLM and Antifa violent movements, and the continued suppression of doctors who are offering effective treatments for Covid-19.
I am going to dedicate my show this fall to waking up as many Americans as I can, to the danger lurking right around the election corner in 2020.
For links to full shows:
Wednesday August 19th
Thursday August 20th – No Thursday show this past week!
Top News & My Commentary:
We must grasp the truth, see it clearly, that we are all watching the beginning of the Marxist revolution, the Marxist attempted takeover, of this country, in this 2020 election. Make no mistake, this is not R vs D, this is America the free VERSUS America the Marxist. It can seem hard to see, or impossible to believe,  when it is right in front of your eyes. But this is where we are in 2020.
The Democrat convention featured the rockstars of that party, filled with duplicity, and completely contradictory promises.
Michelle Obama pushed the Marxist socialist agenda of government takeover of every aspect of American life, its freedom-crushing free healthcare and free childcare and government-funded everything, all in a very earnest tone, while advocating for  “empathy.” The word empathy can never describe the true motives OR the inevitable outcome of the Marxist socialist takeover coming our way.
Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is not mere political bias, or driven by personality differences. It was created, concocted, deliberately developed and manipulated by leftists whose greatest fear was that President Donald Trump was going to be effective in draining the swamp and exposing the ongoing and massive ShadowGate spying operation engaged in by the Obama administration, against the American people. They created hatred of Trump to shut him down, to prevent him from uncovering and exposing their actions.
First guilty plea in the ObamaGate investigation. Kevin Clinesmith appears to have received a slap on the wrist for the felony of modifying an official document that was used to acquire FISA court warrants permitting unjustified surveillance of the Trump team. What Clinesmith did was clearly wrong. His apparent (obvious) motive was political and nefarious.
The mail-in fraudulent ballots plan is gaining steam, so it’s important to understand the distinction between absentee ballots (where the voter requests a ballot that is mailed to the voter who returns it directly) as opposed to the “mail out millions of ballots all over the country to voters who did not ask for them and wait to see how many we can get back” scheme, which is a recipe, actually a plan, for massive vote fraud.
This week America celebrated the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote. The women’s vote in America in 2020 can be a YUGE game-changer.  Women can vote this year to preserve America’s freedom and greatness OR vote to join the “we are helpless victims and we want government to take care of everything” club. Or worse, they could vote to support the “I am clueless so I think socialism is all about being nice and nothing bad will ever happen” club.
Guinness World Record Breaking boat parade in support of President Trump out of Clearwater Boat Launch in Florida … live video PLUS why it matters. Trump is restoring love of America in the hearts and minds of the people, and this drives the anti-American leftists in this country out of their minds!
James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation joined me to offer some truly insightful wisdom about the recent deal entered into between Israel and the UAE.  MANY repercussions for the future of the Middle East flowing from this deal, and congratulations owed to the Trump team for bringing this deal together.
Blog Posts
Our July 2nd interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett about his successful treatment of Covid-19 went viral and prompted thousands of requests for his unpublished paper about his treatment utilizing Budesonide via  nebulizer.
That interview was taken down by all social media, and will be available shortly on my AmericaCanWeTalk website, in the blog section.
Dr. Bartlett’s paper describing this treatment is here, and his new website with more information, is here.
Another article, Dr. Richard Bartlett Shares COVID Information, is here.
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