Show Highlights – Week of August 24, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of August 24, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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AmericaCanWeTalk has some exciting news! I am hosting the first annual American Women + American Freedom conference in Dallas on September 26th! With a power-packed lineup of speakers, we’ll talk about the issues facing America, and offer a big dose of reality for women (and everyone!) about how radically America could change in just a few short months.
Email me for ticket information, at [email protected].  Seating is limited.
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Top News & My Commentary:
Conventions: Biden Snoozes while Trump Storms. Truly, just contrast the energy, boundless love of America, the vision, the ideas.
RNC Rocked Day One. The energy level and optimism and love of America shined at the RNC. At the DNC, not so much.
Melania & Truth About America. Melania Trump who speaks five languages and exudes grace and love of America, was just stellar at the RNC. What a contrast with the gloom and disparaging of America that spewed from the DNC speakers.
Covid & No Success Allowed. It is becoming obvious and alarming to America that therapies that have proven successful fighting Covid are maligned, falsely discredited and censored. The latest example? After WaPo praised plasma from recovered Covid patients as a very viable and effective therapy for Covid numerous times (and doctors agree!), once President Trump mentioned it, WaPo is now says this therapy is dubious because it is “untested.”
Michelle Obama vs Kimberly Klacik Baltimore area Congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik who happens to be black and Republican rocked the internet with a brilliant and now viral new ad pointing out that Democrat policies have destroyed poor urban areas in America. Those are the policies that Michelle Obama labeled “empathetic” in her pitch for more Marxist leftist big government.
Trump Drives Goodyear Nuts Goodyear Tires offered employees diversity and sensitivity training that explained among other things that Black Lives Matter symbols and slogans at work are fine,  but similar Blue Lives Matter attire is impermissible and insensitive. After President Trump tweeted about this hypocrisy, Goodyear backed off. Moral of the story is that the Leftists are ALWAYS at work destroying our culture and country and therefore conservatives must ALWAYS be on guard. And in fact, Conservatives need to be on the offense, speaking up for America!!
LeBron James, Meet Jon Ponder One of the most touching true life stories of the RNC (and there were many) was told by Jon Ponder, a former inmate and three time felon who found Christ in prison, and after his release founded a project to assist ex-prisoners get back on their feet in life, and find a way forward. President Trump spoke at one of Ponder’s inmate graduation ceremonies. Contrast the goodness of America evident in so many people involved in Ponder’s story, to the America painted by LeBron James in his denunciation of America based on the Kenosha WI story of Jacob Blake. Count me tired of bigoted, over-generalized,  and ignorant attacks on the goodness of the American people, and on the police in our country.
Victor Avila shared his story from Texas that is a microcosm of a really evil tactic that is being repeated  all over America. A leftist Marxist mob pounces on a story that does involve some wrongdoing or insensitivity, and uses that story to launch a broad-based attack on America or on some institution,  issuing outrageous and burdensome social justice demands that would drastically undermine the fabric, freedom, rights  and trust of a whole community. Cue the easily manipulated folks who easily surrender without knowing facts or thinking the issue through, and throw in the dutiful bureaucrats who will surrender to avoid bad headlines or a Twitter mob attack, and you can see how American freedom is under assault from manipulative, leftist mobs. Victor is fighting back. Hear his story.
Jim Ryun, yes, THE Jim Ryun who broke the four-minute mile time, starred in numerous Olympic races, served in the U.S. Congress, inspired countless young athletes, and was awarded the Medal of Freedom recently, joined me to talk about his running, his faith carrying him through and passed along to his four children, and his life.
Blog Posts
Our July 2nd interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett about his successful therapy to help Covid-19 patients utilizing Budesonide via nebulizer, went viral and prompted thousands of requests for his unpublished paper about this therapy.
That interview was taken down by all social media, and is now available again on my AmericaCanWeTalk website,    HERE.
Dr. Bartlett’s paper describing this therapy is here, and his new website with more information, is here.
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