Show Highlights – Week of August 31, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of August 31, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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AmericaCanWeTalk has some exciting news! I am hosting the first annual American Women + American Freedom conference in Dallas on September 26th! With a power-packed lineup of speakers, we’ll talk about the issues facing America, and offer a big dose of reality for women (and everyone!) about how radically America could change in just a few short months.
Email me for ticket information, at [email protected].  Seating is limited.
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Thursday September 3rd
Top News & My Commentary:
Jacob Blake, Kenosha & LeBron. Basketball great LeBron James is a superstar player, but when he makes accusations, many young and impressionable people assume he knows what he is talking about. In this case, he appears to have NOT had the facts straight  about Jacob Blake and the Kenosha police, and his words were deeply and unfairly harmful to America. Facts matter.
Of course President Trump should visit Kenosha, despite what the Democrat mayor and the governor say. Trump supporters in Wisconsin WANT him to be there!
Kamala, Rand and the Marxist Overthrow. It is hard for millions of Americans to wrap their minds around the reality that we are watching the beginnings of a real Marxist overthrow in this precious country. But we must wake up!
CDC 6% and Connecting Covid Dots. The more you study actual data about Covid, the more you realize the numbers and truth about the virus do not justify the shutdown of this country, or the ongoing limitations on personal freedom. Covid is a freedom issue.
Justice Delayed: Michael Flynn. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals and Judge Emmet Sullivan are simply not going to let the DOJ drop the outrageous and unjustified criminal charges against Lt Gen Michael Flynn. The politicization of the DOJ in the Russia Collusion Hoax was unconscionable, and this politicization of the courts to perpetuate the attack on Flynn and ultimately on President Trump must end. Rule of law under attack.
The SJW (social justice warrior) mission to end the Rule of Law in America.  Understand the many ways that Leftists attack and work to undermine the Rule of Law. This is one of those Save the Country vs Lose the Country issues.
Judge drags Lt Gen Michael Flynn case past the November election date. Unsurprisingly, the hearing schedule will put the decision date for Judge Emmet Sullivan in the Flynn case, AFTER the November election.
Dr. Daniel Erickson, whose April press conference on the truth about Covid went viral, joined me. He offered loads of new information about the Covid numbers and facts on the ground in America. His April press conference along with his medical partner Dr. Massihi met with massive vitriol and resistance from Big Tech/social media,  because it let America know that most people who contract Covid will survive, that quarantining the healthy is unwise and unprecedented, that jurisdictions with strong enforcement of mask mandates and social distancing did no better than places that did not enforce such mandates, and that the widespread extreme fear of Covid and the mandates based on it were unjustified. What these doctors said in April has been proven since that time to be accurate.
Dr. Everett Piper, author of This is Not a Daycare, and former President of Oklahoma Wesleyan, joined me for his once-monthly update, this time diving into the different ways that Republicans vs Democrats think about what America is. It’s about concrete promises of rule of law, citizenship, sovereignty and much more, vs. vague, emotion-based value-less feel-good dangerous chaos.
Justice Bill Whitehill of the Texas Fifth District Court of Appeals explained the concrete ways in which our ability to confidently function in business, family, and personal arenas of life, are based on our expectation that courts will apply the laws that are passed. Certainty, predictability and stability all come from the rule of law enforced and upheld. “Make it up as you go along” type judges destroy all of that.
Judge Kevin Patrick Yeary joined me to talk about how vital appellate court judges are in the criminal justice system, and how much the lives of Americans can change if judges step out of their roles.
Blog Posts
Our July 2nd interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett about his successful therapy to help Covid-19 patients utilizing Budesonide via nebulizer, went viral and prompted thousands of requests for his unpublished paper about this therapy.
That interview was taken down by all social media, and is now available again on my AmericaCanWeTalk website,    HERE.
Dr. Bartlett’s paper describing this therapy is here, and his new website with more information and his paper, is here.
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