Show Highlights – Week of August 5, 2019

Show Highlights – Week of August 5, 2019

This past week on ACWT:

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Friendly August show schedule reminder: I’ll ONLY do three shows in August (the 5th, 12th & 19th), because of a family vacation/reunion.
I’ll be BACK FULL TIME Mon to Thurs @ 3pmCT, the day after Labor Day.
Trump denounced white supremacy AGAIN. Despite the President’s achieving the lowest black unemployment rate ever, his policies resulting in black business startups increasing by 400%, and instituting criminal justice reforms and granting pardons that reduce injustice and help free wrongfully convicted Americans including many black Americans, the only “policy” argument the Democrats can think of is to call him a racist. Savvy Americans are not buying this relentless race card mantra.
America suffered two horrific mass shooting episodes in the last week, and part of my show this past Monday, within a day of the events, was dedicated to sharing what we knew about the shooters, based on their own words. There is SO much more to talk about on this topic and in upcoming weeks we will talk about the deeper issues, and about the Left’s perennial solution, gun control.
The DemocratMediaMob manufactures racial anxiety, suspicion, resentment, and mistrust, for their own political gain. Joe Biden’s decision to announce his bid for the presidency on a bold-faced racism-laced lie, and the media’s determination to NEVER call him out on it, is truly harming America. My thoughts here.
Monday August 12th, I’ll talk about the death of Jeffrey Epstein and why getting to the truth about his life and death matter deeply to America and our future trust in the legal system.
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