Show Highlights – Week of December 30, 2019

Show Highlights – Week of December 30, 2019

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:
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Patriots & listeners — I wish you a very happy, blessed, abundant, high-energy, dedicated, cheerful, relentless warrior for America, New Year.
President Trump is not dividing America, regardless of what the DemocratMediaMob says. With 90%+ approval by his base, and tying Obama for the Most Admired Man of the Year, President Trump is leading by doing what he said he would do. The media and Left generate anger and spew outrage, then report on the anger they have created, as division caused by Trump. It’s YUGE to understand this.
Beth Van Duyne, candidate for US Congress from Texas CD24, AND one of the four members of the Republican Conservative Squad running to help rescue America from the socialism of the AOC-led Democrat squad, joined me to talk about the issues  facing Texas and America.
Iron Triangle author Vince Ellison joined me to explain how three powerful groups in America’s black community, preachers, community organizers, and politicians, drive the black vote to the Democrat Party despite the reality that Democrat policies have repressed and harmed his community for decades.
A deadly shooting in a Texas church could have been much worse but for the quick thinking of legally armed parishioners who stopped this murderer. Second Amendment, good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns, and Joe Biden’s ongoing buffoonery on this topic, here.
Democrat presidential candidate Buttigieg revealed either his historical ignorance or else his willingness to deceive young students about America’s founders, when he told students that America’s founders had no idea slavery was wrong. Fortunately, Senator Ted Cruz corrected the record by tweeting founders’ quotes revealing their deep struggle over and disdain for slavery.
Violent anti-Semitic attacks increasing in NYC, a catch-and-release treatment of assailants, some of whom become repeat offenders, and NYC Mayor de Blasio blames the President whose immediate family is filled with followers of the Jewish faith.
Virginia will be a 2020 showdown state between gun-grabbers and gun owners. The newly elected gun-grabbing Democrat majority government warned the 85 of 95 Second Amendment sanctuary counties, that their sanctuary status will not be honored.
Evangelicals for Trump will launch in Florida on Friday January 3rd. President Trump has energized a formerly dubious evangelical base by stepping up for religious freedom and the issues that motivate conservative Christian voters.
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