Show Highlights – Week of February 3, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of February 3, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Senator Mitt Romney couched his vote to impeach the President with  sanctimony and pleas for respect for his decision because after all he is a very moral guy (more moral than all others?). He does not get a pass for his treachery, and it is important to understand why.
China expert Gordon Chang joined me to explain how the totalitarian and highly secretive communist government of China is making the coronavirus contagion and pandemic worse and more dangerous.
President Trump at the Prayer Breakfast and later at the White House described for America the toll the sham impeachment effort has taken on his family and on America. He is not taking this assault on his presidency and on America’s voters lightly.
Interview with Dr. Everett Piper, author of This is Not a Daycare, on the Super Bowl half-time show “entertainment” vs real empowerment of women, the leftist rejection of the role of religion in public policy in America, and more.
SOTU – President Trump’s State of the Union address – was what it was supposed to be: a speech reporting on and celebrating how America is doing in January 2020, filled with patriotism, poignant moments, and personal stories of the impact of policies on the lives of everyday Americans. Democrats sat in stony silence during most of the celebration of great unemployment numbers, the strong economy, and stories of lives impacted, blessed, and redeemed. Why can’t Democrats celebrate success for people in America?
Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s petulant pouting and distracting lip-pursing, muttering and stage-whispering throughout the SOTU was bad enough, but her temper tantrum tearing up of the SOTU speech topped off her evening performance. She offended many Americans.
President Trump’s honoring of talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh at the SOTU was one of the most heart-melting moments of the evening.
Van Jones of CNN warned Democrats that the President’s focus in the SOTU on school choice, supporting traditionally black colleges, criminal justice reform, and Opportunity Zones, resonated with many black voters, a vital constituency for Democrats. President Trump addressing in SOTU, in a meaningful and practical way, the plight of struggling black Americans = YUGE problem for the Dems.
The long-awaited Iowa Caucus was a major debacle for Democrats because as of 48 hours later they could not figure out who won, and because the numbers they do have suggest that the Biden campaign came in 4th place, not the long-predicted first place many Democrats planned on. Trump won the GOP Caucus with 97% of the vote.
Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’  long and very cozy relationship with socialism and even communism deserves close scrutiny as he powers toward the Democrat nomination for the presidency.  How radical is he?
Bernie Sanders’ socialist following grows in Iowa, causing panic among many Democrats who believe America will not elect a socialist president.
Impeachment is finally over (for at least this round!), but Senator Lindsay Graham claims he will call the alleged whistleblower to testify in the Senate Judiciary committee, and other Senators are inquiring about Obama-era White House meetings involving the Ukraine. America must remain committed to getting to the bottom of the Russia Hoax and the Ukraine Hoax. Do not surrender to the voices saying “let’s move on.”
The anti-police, “all-subway-rides-should-be-free” NYC subway riots that Bernie built. Yes, Bernie inspired this mentality.
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