Show Highlights – Week of January 27, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of January 27, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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As this note goes to print the GOP-controlled Senate is deliberating whether to call witnesses in the Trump impeachment sham trial.
My vote is “NO on witnesses” and “END THIS,” with an acquittal, now.
Witnesses would legitimize the illegitimate, especially because no witnesses, no vindicating testimony, no testimony that completely exonerates President Trump from this non-crime impeachment fiasco, will EVER satisfy the Democrats who are simply dedicated to removing the President, regardless of facts, evidence, or truth. Witnesses will only drag out the inevitable acquittal and provide Democrats with more fodder for campaign commercials and further attacks.
Bo Snerdley joined me on AmericaCanTalk this week, to talk about his New Journey PAC that’s dedicated to bringing the conservative message to the black community in America. Bo, whose real name is James Golden, is Rush Limbaugh’s call screener, engineer, producer, and long time friend whose on-air banter with Rush has entertained listeners for two decades. His new PAC offers a fresh path for spreading the truth that  conservative policies, freedom, and free markets, are best for everyone.
President Trump unveiled his Middle East Peace Plan this week, along with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. National security expert Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy, weighed in on ACWT with an assessment of the plan and the challenges it involves. A history with maps of the state of Israel, and the claims of the “Palestinians.”
Nigel Farage’s farewell remarks to the European Union on behalf of the UK this week were epic and profound and most entertaining. He managed to get the EU leader to demand “put away your (British) flags” and to tell the world why the UK rejects the EU’s elitism, and why populists around the world are rising up against the unaccountable ruling class. Great stuff for freedom lovers.
The world honored International Remembrance day to remember the victims and the horror of the Holocaust, and Remembrance Day coincided with the 75th anniversary of the Russians liberating Auschwitz. Discussion here about the evil of anti-Semitism.
The passion and positive energy around the Trump rallies vs the nastiness and vapid pointlessness of the impeachment. Even wobbly GOP Senators are watching the Trump rallies and support in polls, and the lack of evidence of wrongdoing in this impeachment charade, and figuring out “it’s time to end this.” The reliably unreliable GOP Treacherous Trio seems to be living up to their mission.
SCOTUS stepped up to support the President’s immigration rules, and Justice Gorsuch lobbed in a powerful concurrence warning the lower federal courts against abusing their power with illegitimate nationwide injunctions.
The BlueWave that wasn’t in a Texas election this week. Rumors of the blue wave turning Texas blue or purple were shot down in a 58% to 42% victory for the GOP in a hotly contested bellwether race for a seat in the Texas House in which Irishman Beto O’Rourke walked and talked for the Democrat candidate. The Beto touch?
Some Democrats labeled Pete Buttigieg’s use of the term “American heartland” as a “dog whistle” for racism, further damaging the South Bend Mayor’s chances to win the Democrat primary for President.
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