Show Highlights – Week of July 13, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of July 13, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Top News & My Commentary:
President Trump’s chosen candidate in the Alabama GOP runoff for the U.S. Senate, Coach Tommy Tuberville, handily defeated former Alabama Senator and former AG Jeff Sessions, signaling GOP voters awareness of the need for a fighter in the Senate, and a determination to get to the bottom of the malfeasance inside the FBI and DOJ that created the Russia Collusion Hoax. Americans still want justice.
The Los Angeles public school teachers union lobbed what could fairly be called a hefty ransom note in response to administration efforts to reopen schools in the fall, with teachers demanding Medicare for all, increased funding for illegal aliens and their families, a billionaires’ tax AND a millionaires’ tax, and a whole laundry list of radical leftist demands, in exchange for maybe coming back to work. They launched their demand list by excoriating America as deeply racist. And these folks teach America’s children. The deeper story here.
Leftists opposed to everything President Trump does including his pardon of Roger Stone seem to have forgotten the pardon by President Clinton of a notorious and actually guilty of serious crimes terrorist, Susan Rosenberg.
The tyranny of leftist censors marches on in America. You can’t even say blue lives matter.
Tracing the path and the players that brought America to this point of great racial tension matters. The NYT and the 1619 project, George Soros, former President Barack Obama, and more, intentionally steered America to this deeply divided time. We have to understand this, or we will never solve it.
AOC explains that the increase in violent gun crime in NYC is due to hungry parents needing to steal a loaf of bread. But what’s worse than the lunacy of that claim is the sinister truth that AOC is a trained Marxist deceiver. She’s not as daft as she sounds. Her contortions have a purpose.
Both in the case of US Attorney Durham and the Russia Hoax investigation, as well in the matter of the ongoing assault on the justice system by federal District Court Judge Sullivan in the Lt Gen Michael Flynn case, it can be tempting to see them as battles between two political sides.  But they are both really about whether justice and the rule of law still exist and matter. They are both consequential to the mission of holding onto America.
Dems next “destruction of America” target, the suburbs. And Democrat Presidential contender Biden is all on board with the plan.
A NYT editor’s very public resignation statement made national news because it was s statement from the inside that confirmed what conservatives have said for decades: the NYT is an intolerant leftist organization that tolerates NO deviation from leftist orthodoxy. A bisexual Jewish moderate was unacceptable to them.
COVID death rates are dropping, and in Texas COVID deaths are far outpaced by deaths in recent flu seasons. But the fear drumbeat goes on, while the good news gets buried or ignored.
Congressman/medical doctor Ralph Abraham, (R., 5th CD La.) joined me in studio along with Dr. Richard Bartlett to discuss the success they are both finding  in treating COVID-19 patients using inhaled steroids commonly used for asthma patients, or the “Budesonide with nebulizer” treatment. Given the spread of the fear, the lack of other available, efficacious treatments, and the desire for America to return to normal, these doctors urge more Americans to consider the solutions they have found effective.
Francisco Bejarano, a patient who recovered rapidly and completely under the Budesonide with nebulizer regimen after 10 days of suffering with COVID-19 to the point he was typing out his will, joined me in studio along with his doctor,  Dr. Bartlett, to share a real life testimony.
Blog Posts
Our July 2nd interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett about his successful treatment of COVID-19 went viral and prompted thousands of requests for his unpublished paper about his treatment utilizing Budesonide via a nebulizer.
Interview here.
Dr. Bartlett’s paper here.
Article, Dr. Richard Bartlett Shares COVID Information, here.
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  • Steven Gallegos SR
    Posted at 07:07h, 22 July Reply

    A dear friend of mine sent me your recent interview with Dr Richard Bartlett.
    Thank you for hosting such an important and honest report, that we the people
    need to hear. Thank you!
    “May you be blessed by the LORD, who made heaven and earth. “ – Psalm 115:15

    Grateful to God,

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