Show Highlights – Week of July 6, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of July 6, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Top News & My Commentary:
President Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech on July 3rd was a massive dose of truth-telling about the goodness of the American founders and founding values, and a bold and eloquent exposure of the true Marxist mission and America-destroying purpose of the protests on the streets of America  today. It was also a much-needed public acknowledgement that leftists are trying to undo the American revolution.
NFL great Marcellus Wiley lobbed into the American political conversation a massive dose of truth about the mission and purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement, in particular pointing out that BLM is committed to the destruction of the nuclear family (a basic Marxist goal) which Wiley points out is a horrible idea if you care about how the lives of young black men in America turn out.
Democrat Rep Ilhan Omar is boldly calling for the dismantling of America. When leftists tell you they hate America and want to destroy it, listen to them. Believe they mean it. Then fight back.
The Marxists in our midst struggle daily to breed racial tension and hatred of America by contorting America’s history and founding ideals,  ignoring the greatness, and focusing on past imperfections long after they have been corrected. President Lincoln’s  debate with Stephen Douglas contains brilliance by Lincoln that is relevant today, including who is included in the Declaration’s “all men are created equal.
This stirring up of hatred against America was decades in the making, with an intensified effort in recent years with help from social justice warriors, the BLM organization, George Soros’ billions, and the present day NYT 1619 project.  We must grasp and expose the evil of their purpose in order to  overcome it.
Latest litany of intolerance and tyranny on college campuses directed at anyone who dares to disagree with today’s militant Left.
Putin solidified his power in a recent constitution-altering “election” in Russia, guaranteeing he will be President through 2036.
China expert Gordon Chang shared his wisdom about the crackdown on Hong Kong by the Chinese Communist government, the expansionist mission of China’s CCP, and a bill sitting on President Trump’s desk that could give America great leverage in reducing China’s unfair power in the American economy.
Dr. Everett Piper, author of Not A Daycare, joined me to talk about the most recent episodes of silencing of conservative speech on college campuses, and the ongoing international effort by the UN to force a “great reset of the global economy” and massive wealth redistribution.
Blog Posts
Last Thursday’s (July 2nd) interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett about his successful treatment of COVID-19 went viral and prompted thousands of requests for his unpublished paper about his treatment utilizing Budesonide via a nebulizer.
Interview here.
Dr. Bartlett’s paper here.
Article, Dr. Richard Bartlett Shares COVID Information, here.
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  • Deborah Hicks
    Posted at 07:01h, 12 July Reply

    I couldn’t find Dr Bartlett’s printed letter. Where can I find it please??

    • admin
      Posted at 07:26h, 12 July Reply

      The blog post “Dr. Richard Bartlett Shares Covid Information” on has been updated to include links to printable pdf versions of Dr. Bartlett’s letter and paper. Unfortunately, there is no transcript of the interview.

  • Anita G Clayton
    Posted at 12:21h, 13 July Reply

    Yes, please, I would like to watch or read it again. How can there be no transcript. Did big brother break in and steal it?

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