Show Highlights – Week of July 8, 2019

Show Highlights – Week of July 8, 2019

This past week on ACWT:

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How could it be that California, with all of its welfare “generosity” and high taxes, has more poverty than Texas, with its limited government, lower taxes, and less regulation?  Chuck DeVore, VP of National Initiatives for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, explained the statistics and reasons why life and opportunity are better in Texas than California, for the poorest among us, and for everyone else too.
Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True The Vote (TTV), joined me to talk about the Obama administration’s truly egregious legal assault on her and TTV in the form of harassment by the IRS, BATF, & OSHA  “investigations,” and her long-fought, hard-won and well-deserved legal victory against the IRS last month.
Carrie Lukas, President of the Independent Women’s Forum and author of the upcoming book “Checking Progressive Privilege,” shared her views about the media’s relentless silencing of conservative women, and the importance of genuine political conversation that is open to a variety of views.
Speaking of progressive privilege:
  • The nation’s largest union, the teachers’ NEA, pronounced after their recent meeting their support for abortion as a fundamental right, along with a whole host of other leftist agenda items. No acknowledgment that their leftist views are not universally shared by the parents of the kids they teach, and no hint of awareness that their opinions on those topics are irrelevant to their jobs.
  • Teen Vogue (with 7.9 million online visitors in one month) is filled with left-wing indoctrination posing as newsy articles and columns, including items praising Karl Marx, encouraging revolution, and celebrating promiscuity.
The White House Social Media Summit gathered conservatives to talk about left-wing bias at Twitter and elsewhere in social media. Story here.
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