Show Highlights – Week of June 10, 2019

Show Highlights – Week of June 10, 2019

This past week on ACWT:

At a Dallas event this week I had the honor of doing an in-person interview with Sidney Powell, nationally renowned legal expert, former federal prosecutor, and author of Licensed to Lie. Attached is a link to our one-hour Q&A about the Mueller report, the Spygate scandal, and what is now known about why and how the Trump/Russia attempted frame-up of President Trump got started. You can download here.
(PS: Sidney is now representing Lt. Gen Michael Flynn. Good news for him and America!)
The Democrat-controlled Congress and the White House are locked in a battle over whether the constitutionally required census can include a question about citizenship. Guess which party is trying to prevent a counting of how many illegal aliens are living in America? Check out my view.
In Ohio, irrationally enraged social justice warriors bumped up against the reality of heartland America values, when a jury ruled Oberlin College was liable for $11 million dollars for defaming and otherwise attacking an innocent local business. The jury found that an Oberlin administrator, after students were caught shoplifting at a local business,  Gibson’s Bakery,  encouraged campus groups to engage in a relentless and false race-based smear campaign against the business. TRULY this result is one for the good guys. Discussion here.
President Trump is running circles around the Congress on the Mexico tariff situation. Here is the scoop.
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