Show Highlights – Week of June 29, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of June 29, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Top News & My Commentary:
This is the week to celebrate America’s independence!
July 4th at Mt. Rushmore! What a beautiful and patriotic backdrop for celebrating Independence Day. No wonder the Democrat Party tweeted that honoring Independence Day at Mt. Rushmore was an example of President Trump engaging in white supremacy. They actually did that.
July 4th, America’s independence day celebration, has been honored by founding fathers and patriots for centuries.  Our duty today is to be the patriot warriors of our times, defending the ideas of our founding that will keep us free and secure and stable and safe, for generations to come.
New York City votes to defund the police department. What could possibly go wrong? Actually, they only cut a little over a billion from the department’s budget. Nothing to worry about …..
Get Woke to America’s Identity. If you don’t know what America is, what it means, you cannot defend it.
Seattle’s mayor finally had the police clear out CHOP CHAZ, or whatever you want to call the area that radical Marxists took over and claimed as their own new country right in the middle of Seattle, but America was watching how long this Democrat tolerated it, and wondering if this could come next to a town near them.
As headlines blare out alarming news about rises in COVID cases, one savvy writer pointed out that those panic-producing numbers  are cherry-picked to further a “keep them frightened” agenda, and ignore declining death rates, declining hospitalization rates, fewer severe cases.  He named this media obsession to alarm, “Panic Porn.”  Contrast it with COVID cures happening all over America that the media does not report.
Biden is beating Trump in the polls. I think safety and wallet issues will TRUMP relentless leftist media attacks, but very important to be strong in defense of the Trump agenda.
Freedom is on the ballot in 2020. Here are 5 examples.
“Woke” Harvard student, a “Caucasity” critic, vents her murderous plans for anyone who utters the words “all lives matter.”  The sad truth is she is the product of “hate America” leftist education that actually makes her feel insane with hatred for America because she buys into the lies about her country as a deeply racist nation.
The Supreme Court ruled on abortion, religious discrimination and more this week. Big decisions with big consequences.
Dr. Richard Bartlett of Midland, Texas joined me in studio to share his great success with treating COVID-19 patients using an asthma medication and process, “BUDESONIDE  with Nebulizer” with complete success.  Meaning literally 100% success. Truly an information-packed interview including facts about COVID, success in other countries using this or a similar protocol, and the lack of necessity for a COVID vaccine, and with massive implications for America’s public policies on masks, distancing, and this pandemic.
Star Parker, founder of CURE (Center for Urban Renewal and Education) , columnist, and author, shared with ACWT this week her newest book “Necessary Noise,” and her impressions about the struggles America faces with BlackLivesMatter. As one of my listeners said to me, she is a national treasure.
Nonie Darwish, Egyptian-born celebrated American author and activist, joined ACWT this week to describe the mission and tactics of totalitarian suppression of opposing views and silencing of all criticism via shaming and media mockery, shared by Islamic radicals, Antifa fascists, socialists in America, BlackLivesMatter extremists, ALL with the goal of tyranny and undermining freedom in America. A worldview and perspective very rarely spelled out, shared by a woman who has lived under repressive tyranny that few Americans have seen.
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