Show Highlights – Week of March 23, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of March 23, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Top News & My Commentary:
Comparing Swine Flu death toll with coronavirus numbers, in a very visual chart. We are facing government-ordered shutdowns of our businesses, jobs, and economy, and media-ordered shutdown of speech on any topic that tries to assert balance, positive outcomes, or the worst of all for the leftists, hope.
Democrats are floating a trial balloon named Gov. Andrew Cuomo, trying to figure out if he’d fly as the Chosen Democrat Presidential candidate in 2020, after they find a reason for Biden to drop out.
Sadly an Arizona couple intentionally ingested fish tank cleaner in a confused effort to prevent contracting the CCP coronavirus. That fact that a substance in that cleaner had a similar name to a potentially efficacious medication that may help coronavirus patients is tragic, but no one’s fault but their own, and most certainly is NOT a basis to attack President Trump or to reject the effort to develop and test chloroquine and related products for their possible efficacy in fighting the virus.
As I send this email Congress has passed and President Trump has signed  a massive $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, which contains mountains of irrelevant spending.
But we must not forget that along the way:
Dr. Fauci, NIAID Director and advisor to President Trump on the coronavirus situation, is a long time D.C. figure who had very different recommendations on the far more deadly Swine Flu epidemic under President Obama, and a very odd fixation on Hillary Clinton.
Update: COVID 19 by the numbers, along with other relevant flu statistics.
Coronavirus alleged Insider Trading by elected officials in DC.
“U.S. more prepared for the coronavirus than any other country” sounds like a line from a President Donald Trump speech, BUT it’s actually the conclusion of a Johns Hopkins University research study.
Dr. Robert Epstein’s 2019 explosive Q&A with Senator Ted Cruz in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing revealed that Google has the power, and uses it, to surreptitiously manipulate and sway thousands of voters to choose Democrats over Republicans by orchestrating search results.
Epstein, a Hillary Clinton supporter, is committed to exposing Google’s tactics and preventing their mission to control the 2020 election outcome. AND, he says Google can influence Americans’ views on the coronavirus and any other topic, too. A must listen interview.
Brigadier General Robert Spalding authored Stealth War, How China Took Over While America Slept, BEFORE the Wuhan coronavirus was launched on the world. He reveals the decades-long tactics China has engaged in to undermine America,  a carrying out of China’s “Unrestricted Warfare” plan of action spelled out in the 1999 book by that name.
Konni Burton, former Texas State Senator, founded the online news source The Texan, designed to bring truth in  the era of relentless media bias that undermines Texas and America.
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