Show Highlights – Week of March 30, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of March 30, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Please note that for shows this week and next, I am doing ACWT from my home studio, with Matt the wonderful producer doing his producer work from his home. The Texas shutdown continues.
Top News & My Commentary:
As the coronavirus news fills the media’s headlines and the hearts and minds of Americans, the American political conversation centers almost entirely on the virus. In addition to the danger of COVID-19,  there are alarming and potentially long-term political consequences flowing from our response as a nation to this crisis.
When does submitting to orders by good government protecting the people cross the line to submitting to police state rulings and tactics. Better be asking this question now.
Our $2.2 trillion dollar  virus spending package looks, acts and smells like a socialist rescue. Beware, America.
Collectivism enabled by the virus rescue package, AND millions more likely unemployed due to government-mandated shut down of business in America. How long can America be closed for business?
Pelosi Hints at Blame Hearings after having invited America to “come join me in SF’s Chinatown” on February 24th.
Democrat governors have since eaten their words, but outlawing the one drug that has shown promise in helping COVID-19 victims recover, just because President Trump said good things about that drug in a press conference, reveals how badly Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has compromised the ability of Democrat leaders to think.
MyPillow founder stepped up to help America by shifting manufacturing to making face masks,  but Mike Lindell’s praise for Trump and urging prayer during the WH press conference were the defining moments in his remarks.
New IG report exposes more illicit and likely illegal FBI conduct in their mission to bring down the Trump administration via the Russia Collusion Hoax and corruption of the FISA court warrant process. This WAS one of the biggest stories of the year, and it still matters.
China is already WAY down a very sophisticated and organized propaganda path of blaming America for the virus China unleashed. Vital to understand the lies so you don’t fall for them.
Past ACWT show guest Raymond Ibrahim did finally get to speak at the Army War College to share truth from his Sword & Scimitar book, which was a victory over the efforts of CAIR to stifle all conversation that is in any way critical of Islam.
America and Americans are OVERFLOWING with goodness in responding to this crisis. NEVER lose hope.
Even in the midst of this crisis, we must REMEMBER WHO WE ARE as Americans. Founded on and rooted in liberty.
Steve Moore, WSJ & Heritage Foundation economist, advisor to President Trump on the economic plan that got America’s economy roaring just a few short weeks ago, joined me to talk about the dangers of a long term economic shutdown due to the coronavirus, and the need to get America back to work. Vital info to understand the full scope of the threat we face.
Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast described the virtues and need for a robust U.S. Space Force, as a counter to China’s planned and already underway domination that will shape who controls energy and much more, here on earth. This short interview includes more than most Americans know about why we need the Space Force.
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