Weekly Email – Week Ending May 21, 2021

Weekly Email – Week Ending May 21, 2021

Welcome to the AmericaCanWeTalk Weekly Email for the week ending May 21, 2021! 

Personally …

I love talking with you every day on my show, and writing to you every week, about America. That’s the whole purpose of my show, to explore the unique greatness of our country. To celebrate the extraordinary promise of liberty and rights from your Creator that are yours in America, just because you were born. To be on guard to protect this precious country.

If you have not yet done so, read the Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals signed by over 130 former senior military officials, warning that “our nation is in deep peril.”  That peril comes from the fact that many ideas and policies now embraced and pushed by leftists in America will destroy our country as founded, and are intended to do so. From abandoning border security, to nationalizing elections and eliminating election integrity, to weakening our military with social justice foolishness, no one who was trying to protect America would do these things.

The good news? Millions see this. More Americans are waking up every day and realizing that we must vote ourselves new leaders, and oppose the policies that will hurt and could destroy this country. Leaders must rise up in every corner of our country, and defend the ideas that make America strong and free.

These are the ideas I will keep talking about on AmericaCanWeTalk. Please keep tuning in!


June 17 event…special invitation coming separately! 

I am hosting an AmericaCanWeTalk  a single-issue conference on Thursday June 17th in Dallas, about critical race theory. I will be sending you a separate email with details in the next few days.


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News about Our Special Thursday Shows for Members: 



This past week on the AmericaCanWeTalk Thursday May 20th show national security expert and founder of the Center for Security Policy Frank Gaffney joined me for a terrific discussion on our special members Thursday show. He has a lifetime of expertise on a wide range of national security threats America faces, and this May 20th show was filled with important knowledge and insights. We talked China & the questions surrounding America’s new CIA Director, the ongoing battles between Hamas and Israel, and perhaps most importantly, the Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals, to America. A letter warning America about the dangerous path America is on. (A must read letter!)


This coming week on the AmericaCanWeTalk Thursday May 27th show, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (retired)  will join our special Thursday show to talk about his new book Satan’s Dare, and his CPI organization formed to bolster and support the conservatives on Capitol Hill.


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About this week’s shows:


Links to Full Shows from this past week:

Monday May 17th 2021

Tuesday May 18th 2021

Wednesday May 19th 2021

Our Thursday Show for Members on 5.20  featured Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy,


Links to Top News & My Commentary from this past week:


Checking in from Florida …. On our travels last week I did a casual show from our hotel room

Maoist Mindset Runs America

Military Warns America & Space Force Out

Israel: Litmus Test for Integrity

The  Dangerously Asleep “Woke”

Covid “Crisis” Crash

White Supremacy = America’s Biggest Threat?


Interviews Coming up This Week:

  • Monday with Gregg Roman, Director of the Middle East Forum, from Israel!
  • Tuesday May 25th with Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of New Mexico – a Freedom Caucus member!
  • Wednesday with Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most outspoken, national experts on covid treatments.
  • Thursday, on our members show, Senator Jim DeMint.

Blog Posts this week:



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Because America Matters, 
Debbie Georgatos
Host: America, Can We Talk?