Show Highlights: Week of May 6, 2019

Show Highlights: Week of May 6, 2019

This past week on ACWT:

DC Democrats are in a fearful fret over whether voters will hold them responsible for the caravans overrunning America’s insecure southern border, AND whether that will hurt the Dems’ chances of winning the 2020 elections. My answer: yes and yes. Of course.
First Tuesday of the month SO Star Parker, founder of CURE, joined me! We talked about Joe Biden’s race-baiting Presidential announcement, and the unforeseen and onerous consequences of the so-called Equality Act.
On Deep Dive Monday, we talked truth about how vital America’s support of Israel is, as our truest Middle East ally is again pummeled with rockets from Gaza.
Free markets AGAIN proven “fairest of them all,” information that the  socialists now running for the Presidency of the United States do NOT want Americans to understand. My FirstFive on this, here.
Last, America Can We Talk hit a record recently!
According to our detailed Facebook data, in the last 30 days,
America Can We Talk reached over one million Americans (1,106,641 to be exact).  Not just viewers of this weekday show on Facebook Live, but those seeing and sharing other content on our page at America, Can We Talk?  And our YouTube subscriber numbers are growing too!
Thank you for listening and sharing.
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