Show Highlights – Week of November 11, 2019

Show Highlights – Week of November 11, 2019

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Day 1,029 of the Democrats’ effort to impeach President Trump, an effort that started the day he was sworn in. Clips from Representative Devin Nunes’ opening statement at the first day of the public impeachment “inquiry,” and their significance, here.
Tyranny of the Offended: Exposing the tactics used by manipulators in the American political conversation.  Leftists who cannot possibly defend the substance of their views win arguments by claiming they are offended by some viewpoint or policy, because the conversation focus becomes their feelings, instead of the policy in question. The tyranny of the perpetually offended must not be allowed to control the national dialogue.
The Democrats’ fever-pitch stridency to impeach the President is
(1) designed to divert attention from the anticipated results of the DOJ’s investigation into the genesis of the Russia Collusion Hoax, AND
(2) motivated by the anti-American Left’s outrage that President Trump is successfully unraveling President Obama’s globalist-embracing, America-weakening. border-abandoning, government-growing, socialist-leaning, dependency-growing, economy-weakening agenda.
One genuine area of disagreement between Republicans  and Democrats in the impeachment battle is who decides America’s foreign policy, the President, as the constitution clearly provides, OR the ruling elite in the State Department, as Deep State advocates believe.
Star Democrat witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s written testimony makes perfectly clear that he sees his role on the National Security Council to be as an overseer, correcting and even overriding the President as needed on appropriate foreign policy.
San Francisco voters elected an openly socialist District Attorney who ran on the platform of protecting illegal immigrants, “decarcerating” many incarcerated criminals, and maligning ICE and police. Soros-backed organizations naturally supported him. Danger to America.
Southern Methodist University (SMU) Director of Debate and Speech Dr. Ben Voth joined me in studio to talk about the leftist takeover of college debate competitions and the profound damage to students and America flowing from the destruction of genuine debate and the robust exchange of ideas. If students don’t learn to listen and apply reason to analyzing issues in college, how will they function in adult life? They’ll grow up to be intolerant leftist bureaucrats, pundits and even elected officials.
NFL Thanksgiving Day halftime show entertainer threatens to pull the plug on her contract to sing unless the Salvation Army donates money to an approved pro-LGBTQ charity. Seriously, time to just say no.
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