Show Highlights – Week of November 23, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of November 23, 2020

I hope all of our AmericaCanWeTalk listeners had a delicious, restful and grateful Thanksgiving holiday.  What a beautiful tribute to America that we have a national holiday dedicated to giving thanks to God for His care, and for a nation founded on the promise of God-given freedom.


The next seven weeks will be profoundly important for America’s future, as America’s courts and citizens learn more about the election fraud that plagued and corrupted the 2020 elections. Our commitment as a nation to exposing the fraud and deception, and to finding the truth about the election outcome and the count of legal votes,  will determine  whether we have fair elections in America’s future.


Click on any of the words in dark red font below to go directly to the show clips described.  Interviews from this week’s shows are listed separately below.


About Election 2020 …

Election 2020  is FAR FROM OVER.  Sidney Powell, working tirelessly and independently from the President and his legal team to expose election fraud, says Trump won this election in a landslide,  and that electronic election fraud, vote-switching, was used to try to steal the victory. President Trump’s lawyers are also pursuing a wide range of claims related to election fraud.

The December 14th Electoral College vote does not necessarily constitute the final decision about who will be the next president.  America’s Constitution provides avenues for patriots to protect free and fair elections, and to challenge election fraud in our courts.

Those challenges are happening now.


What YOU can do right now:

Read what a renowned data and cyber-crimes expert says about the massive fraud in the 2020 elections.

Read Sidney Powell’s lawsuit in Georgia challenging the fraud .. she has released the kraken!

Take to the Streets, peacefully and powerfully! Go to to find out when and where marches, rallies and protests will be in your area supporting President Trump and demanding that the election fraud be exposed.

Send emails, make calls, report fraud. Go to, where you can record election fraud you know about AND more important, send emails to legislators urging them not to certify election results until the fraud is uncovered and corrected.


About the conference I hosted at Southfork Ranch  American Women + American Freedom conference on September 26th …

You can purchase a Conference Membership at for $10!  Go to THIS LINK and choose “Buy Pass” to get your ticket and watch these speakers talking about the future of freedom in America:  Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Star Parker, Katie Hopkins, Lathan Watts, Dr. Kelli Ward, Clare Lopez,  Rebecca Friedrichs, Leyla Pirnie,  and Lt. Col. Allen West.


For links to full shows from this past week:


For this Thanksgiving week,  I did only one show: a two-hour special on Monday featuring Russ Ramsland who is the co-founder and head of Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG). ASOG hires and contracts with former military and national security agency operatives and cybersecurity experts who investigated the scope and depth of electronic election fraud starting in 2018, and in the 2020 elections. ASOG has reported its findings to and is working with Sidney Powell.


Next week I’ll be back to a full schedule of four shows.


Here is the link to my one show this week:

Monday November 23rd 2020


Top News & My Commentary:


These are segments of the two-hour special show this week, broken down by topic:


Michigan’s Magical Ballot Blaster: Impossible Vote Upload Speed

Vote Counts with Decimals = Algorithms, not Counting

Dominion Voting Reps Duck PA Hearing & Lawyer Up

Voter Turnout Above 100%?

Algorithms and Dominion Voting Machines

Smartmatic and Villainous Venezuelan  History

Election 2020: The Obvious and the Hard Questions




Russ Ramsland, founder of ASOG about election fraud.


Blog Posts:


Election Fraud You Can See

Joe, It’s Time For You To Concede


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