Show Highlights – Week of November 25, 2019

Show Highlights – Week of November 25, 2019

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

Meet the man who wrote the ONLY President Trump-authorized biography about the Trump Family! Doug Wead’s Inside Trump’s White House was released the day of our interview, and is the result of conducting in depth interviews with the Trump Family over a two year period. Notwithstanding shocking anonymous death threats, he published the book.
Navy Secretary Richard Spencer was fired after repeatedly challenging President Trump’s right to make decisions as Commander in Chief, in a controversy involving former Navy Seal Edward Gallagher. Honoring the chain of command in the military cannot be optional.
Support for President Trump is growing significantly among black voters, according to two new polls by prominent pollsters, a most alarming development for Democrats.
George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation – the very first Thanksgiving Presidential Proclamation – is profound, humble, filled with wisdom and faith in God, and relevant today. Check it out.
It’s vital to understand that leftism is ALL about control over the masses regardless of what the people think or want, and never about respecting individuals and freedom, and never about  kindness or caring. Here are two new stories of Leftist Tyranny in America.
The impeachment effort continues to implode, with some Democrats appearing to be looking for an exit strategy.
Be wary of politicians calling for “unity.” It can be a trick, a manipulative tactic.  Here’s why.
This coming Tuesday December 3rd on AmericaCanWeTalk I will be sharing a crucially important story about an election fraud scheme involving the manipulation of voter tabulation software in voting machines. The problem carries the potential to literally change the outcome of any election in the country, by changing votes already cast but not yet counted. This is not speculative:  evidence suggests it has already been used.
This will be a don’t miss show.
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