Show Highlights – Week of November 2nd, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of November 2nd, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Friends, Election Day 2020 has come and gone BUT the election result for President is FAR FROM OVER. I cannot urge you strongly enough to follow closely the news and developments raising serious questions about the authenticity of the reported election results. Litigation is underway to fight what appears to be massive fraud. America deserves an honest election result.
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Thanks to all of you who came to Texas for the first American Women + American Freedom conference on September 26th. It was extraordinarily successful!
         If you could not attend, we are offering anyone access to the videos of these stellar conference speakers on our website for only $10! You can go to THIS LINK and choose “Buy Pass” to get your ticket and watch these speakers:  Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Star Parker, Katie Hopkins, Lathan Watts, Dr. Kelli Ward, Clare Lopez,  Rebecca Friedrichs, Leyla Pirnie,  and Lt. Col. Allen West.  Not JUST great speakers, but speakers talking about the issues that will shape the future of freedom in America.
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Top News & My Commentary:
The election dominated the news this week, SO I have separated pre- & post-election show topics.
Frank Gaffney who founded the Center for Security Policy and is a widely recognized national security expert joined me to talk about the  radical Marxist movement on the ground in America today, and what we will face in America under a Biden versus a Trump administration. Very important to listen!
Kyle Shideler , national security expert and DC area resident joined me to talk about the protests in DC on election night, and  the threats and bullying by Antifa and Black Lives Matter of reporters on the ground. MOST IMPORTANTLY, he revealed and explained that the Marxist revolution happening right before our eyes will continue and worsen if Biden were to become president. And if that’s not bad enough, the Biden team will welcome and accommodate it.
Dr. Everett Piper author of “Not a Daycare” and Washington Times columnist, joined me to talk about the many instances of candidate Joe Biden being caught in bold-faced lies that are ignored and repressed by the media.
Blog Posts:
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