Show Highlights – Week of October 26, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of October 26, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Thanks to all of you who came to Texas for the first American Women + American Freedom conference on September 26th. It was extraordinarily successful!
         For those who bought tickets and were able to join us, you will soon receive an email giving you your own personal access code to watch a video of every speaker! If you did purchase a ticket and have not received that email by November 6th, please email me at [email protected] and let me know.
         If you could not attend, we are offering anyone access to the videos of these stellar conference speakers on our website for only $10! You can go to THIS LINK and choose “Buy Pass” to get your ticket and watch these speakers:
         Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Star Parker, Katie Hopkins, Lathan Watts, Dr. Kelli Ward, Clare Lopez,  Rebecca Friedrichs, Leyla Pirnie,  and Lt. Col. Allen West.  Not JUST great speakers, but speakers talking about the issues that will shape the future of freedom in America.
For links to full shows:
Top News & My Commentary:
NOW Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett made America proud in her Supreme Court nomination hearing. But the process of her confirmation reminded America that the Senate Democrats determination to choose judges who will “legislate” their leftist agenda from the bench rather than act as judges by applying the law, deprives the American people of their rightful role in our constitutional process as “We the People” with the power to elect representatives to pass laws.
Some never-Trumper voters who normally vote GOP are flirting with the idea of a Biden vote, and asking ‘How much harm could Biden do in four years?” Let me count the ways …
Media and Leftists are predicting a winter of darkness, death, Covid spreading and the “worst flu season ever.“ It is time to reject this darkness and reject the Politicized Medicine that is overtaking the land of the free and home of the brave!  Fear itself is a pandemic. And doctors are telling America they have actually effective therapies that are working to relieve and cure Covid patients.
Project Veritas exposed  a Ballot Chaser Voter Fraud scheme in Texas complete with on (hidden) camera flat out promises to deliver a specific number of votes for a specific amount of money. We MUST prosecute, and fight voter fraud and election fraud of all kinds in America or we will NEVER trust the results of our elections!
As facts, emails, evidence and corroboration pile up revealing the Biden/China  crime family that America is learning about from Hunter Biden’s laptop and Tucker Carlson’s interview with Tony Bobulinski and other sources, one YUGE question is “where are the headlines in left wing media?” Remember when all we could read about was how “Donald Trump is Putin’s puppet..” when there was NO evidence of that at all, and no truth to the accusation?  It now appears that Joe Biden really is seriously compromised based on his dealings with China, Ukraine, Iraq and more, but the DemocratMediaMob continues its insistence that Hunter’s laptop is “Russian disinformation.” Never trust left wing media!
Keenan Williams,  Strategic Initiatives Director for the Trump campaign,  joined me in studio to talk truth about Trump, race and the goodnesses of America. A powerful story of redemption and love of America.
Dr. Richard Urso, another Texas doctor willing to speak truth about effective therapies for Covid-19 that work including hydroxychloroquine, joined me to try to explain the recent truly sinister NIH directive telling doctors NOT to prescribe any effective therapies to Covid patients unless they are already hospitalized and on oxygen (meaning they are already dying). Lots of alarming but important information.
Russ Ramsland joined me in studio to expose what his ASOG team has uncovered about ongoing vote fraud and electronic voting machine election fraud in Texas and beyond, and just how vulnerable our election process is.
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