Show Highlights – Week of October 5th, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of October 5th, 2020

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:


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Top News & My Commentary:


President Trump’s Covid episode and crowds outside the hospital.


Doctors and health care experts have joined ranks to publicly issue the Great Barrington Declaration that rejects the Covid “shutdownmask-up, and socially distancing” regimen, as not only unnecessary but as unwise and unhealthy.  How bizarre that Covid has become so political that doctors must band together in rebellion against an intolerant ruling class medical establishment in order to get their medical opinions heard. There is a great Trump clip in this show segment, too.


Vice President Pence delivered a measured, elegant, steady and yet forceful and overwhelmingly successful defense of America and the Trump/Pence administration in the debate with Senator Kamala Harris.


When leftist moderators demand that President Trump “denounce white supremacy again” it’s a trap  — and he should NOT take their bait. No matter how many times he denounces it, no matter what words he chooses, it’ll never be good enough for the anti-American Left that uses the issue to perpetually mislead and enrage America.


Tis the season for polling scams.


California officials removed a Trump sign on private property because it was visible from the freeway and posed a “safety hazard” … in a city filled with billboards and with the famous Hollywood sign that has graced a similar hillside for decades.


The gravity of the 2020 election. It is about saving America’s greatness and goodness, or throwing it away. It is not about personalities, it is about principles of liberty or tyranny, freedom or Marxism. If you understand this, spread the word.


The UAE Israel deal brought together by President Trump is changing lives in the Middle East in many good ways that Americans cannot see.




The always informative and entertaining U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert, from the great state of Texas, a favorite of conservatives everywhere, joined me to talk Covid, the latest on the Russia Collusion Hoax and what America now knows about how it all got started, and much more.


  1. Michael Waller, DC-based national security expert, shared the Center for Security Policy’s in-depth analysis of how the President Trump and former Vice President Biden measure up on facing America’s top national security threats and challenges.


Regular ACWT guest and national best-selling author Dr. Everett Piper weighed on whether Christians should vote for a “jerk” who is right on policy (the answer is “yes”) , and on the Pope’s latest encyclical embracing Communism to solve Covid.


Blog Posts:


The Great Awakening is Unstoppable.


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