Show Highlights – Week of October 7

Show Highlights – Week of October 7

Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Candace Owens spoke at the White House’s Young Black Leadership Summit and exposed the hypocrisy of the Left and the power of truth. Many great speeches and moments at this conference whose very title is sending shockwaves of fear into DNC leadership. Enjoy.
Michelle Malkin joined me to talk about her stellar new book called “Open Borders, Inc: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?” This is a must-have, great read book that is encyclopedic in the scope and detail of information she passes along about our border and immigration crisis.
John Guandolo, founder of Understanding the Threat, joined me in studio to talk about his The Continuum of Jihad film and the way that non-violent jihad works in America.
Peggy Noonan & Mitt Romney exemplify ruling class Republican elitism that dismisses President Trump’s accomplishments AND ignores where today’s Leftists would take America, because they are too busy pearl-clutching and handwringing over President Trump’s bold and fearless style. Their self-righteous “smuggery” is ignorant, disgraceful, and hurting America. My thoughts here.
The NBA displayed cluelessness about China’s totalitarian Communist government as well as callous disregard for the Hong Kong freedom fighters, in a dust-up over a tweet.
U.S Attorney John Durham announced expansion of his Russia Probe this week, signaling that he and likely AG Barr are discovering there is much truth to be exposed about the Russia Collusion Hoax.
Having apparently survived her Pocahontas prevarication, Liz Warren is now facing scrutiny over her claim that she was fired as a school teacher due to her pregnancy. School officials with documents in hand tell a different story.
The Trump Agenda announced in his campaign, IS what he is doing as President, and IS what is driving the Democrats’ impeachment fervor. The impeachment has NOTHING to do with President Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.
LGBTQ protesters demand SCOTUS pass new federal law, missing the constitutional structure that provides only Congress can make new law. Hopefully the Supreme Court will tell them that.
Discussion starts at minute 43:24, here.
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