Show Links – The April 11th Show

Show Links – The April 11th Show

Tyranny Rising – Hills to Die On


Election integrity

What America is

Freedom of Speech

Border Enforcement

Health Care Freedom -NO Covid Mandates  or Tyranny or Passports

Currency Digitization  = social credit score

Loss of Rule of Law: Jan 6 & Other FBI abuses

Children & Sexual Grooming



Systemic Grooming & the Disney Battle

NJ first-graders to learn about gender identity in new sex-ed lessons

DeSantis vs Disney: What is the Reedy Creek Improvement Act?

Watch: Disney CEO Bob Chapek Issues Groveling Apology to Company LGBTQ Activists

Oakland school launches ”Transition Closet’ to help students hide gender dysphoria from parents


Covid Tyranny & Shanghai Screams

Videos: Shanghai Residents Trapped in Lockdown Scream from Their Windows, Fight over Limited Food


Iranian Invaders

Something More Than Just Con Men


Elon Musk Shaking Things Up

Elon Musk Joins Glenn Beck in Anti-ESG Crusade

Court Invalidates California Board-Diversity Statute