Show Links – The April 16th Show

Show Links – The April 16th Show

Rogue “Political” Texas State Bar Exposed by National AG’s Brief in Paxton Case

National Coalition of Attorneys General Files Amicus Brief Condemning Texas State Bar for Baseless Lawfare Weaponized Against Texas OAG Leadership


Jace Yarbrough Interview: Candidate for Texas State Senate SD 30

Further Fallout From 2020 Election: Israel Abandoned by America 

Israel Declares It Does Not Want War With Iran, but Saturday’s Attacks Will Not Go Unanswered

Did the WH Deliberately ‘Leak’ Biden and Netanyahu’s Phone Call?

Trump’s Charade Trial Raises America’s Banana Republic Rating

Trump’s Strongest New York Defense Has Nothing To Do With Alvin Bragg Or Judge Merchan

Unprecedented Trump Criminal Trial Begins with Jury Selection

Berkeley’s conundrum: Israel, Palestinian Protest & Free Speech

Autophagia at Berkeley