Show Links – The January 2nd Show

Show Links – The January 2nd Show

2024: Predictions & Resolutions for Patriots

            Fight for and define America – surrender nothing about it.

Don’t fight against Biden – fight against Dems & Leftism – Michelle

Use Unrelenting Public Pressure – Harvard President Resigns

FOCUS your fire …  CANNOT fight every battle

Insist on Truth: Don’t Concede on Lies of the Left on Anything

Cultivate Discernment: Verify Before Blasting. Always Remember Leftists Seek Destruction of Freedom and Consolidation of Power

Tell people more about that you care and why you care  … Spend time with friends




Gaza Refugees & Lt Gen Michael Flynn


Our Justice System

Why SCOTUS Will Likely Smack Down Two Of Jack Smith’s Get-Trump Charges As Non-Crimes


Climate Policy:

Biden admin launched an aggressive campaign targeting home appliances with eco regulations in 2023

 They Justified Hamas Terrorism. Now Biden Is Letting Them Dole Out Taxpayer Dollars.

LINK to Lindzen Happer SEC Submission Climate Change CO2 Fossil Fuels

AP Quietly Reveals Donation From Foreign Group That Trains Journalists as Climate Change ‘Activists’


Election Integrity:

How Google manipulates search to favor liberals and tip elections


Healthcare Freedom & Covid Tyranny:


Financial Freedom & Strength:

The Great Taking: You Really No Longer Own your Securities, and You Could Also Lose Your Freedom


Sovereignty & WHO:

A predictable “earthquake” – Surrendering our sovereignty to the WHO