Show Links – The July 12th Show

Show Links – The July 12th Show

CPAC Highlights

 Freedom Msg in Australia, South Korea (2021), Japan (every year since 2017),

Australia (Nov 2020)

Allen West

President Trump



Cubans Protest Communism: Dems Duck

 As millions march against Communism across Cuba, Biden administration makes an outrageous response

 Cuba Cracks Down on Protests Amid Worst Economic Crisis in Decades


 FBI- Turn in your Family

 FBI tells Americans to Monitor family members for signs of ‘extremism’ and snitch on them


 Government at your Door

 ‘You’ve Got to Go One-on-One’: Fauci Says Door-to-Door Outreach Is Key to New Phase of Vaccination Effort

 Governors Of Two Undervaccinated States Say No To Biden’s Door-To-Door Vaccine Push