Show Links – The March 2nd Show

Show Links – The March 2nd Show

America Rattled & What to do About It

Why Are Dems Nuking GOP Voters’ No. 1 Issue?


HR 1 & HR 5 & Amnesty for All & Silencing Political Opposition as Domestic Terror & the Troops in DC around Barb-wired Capitol & Courts Joining the Swamp & Impending Covid & Green New Deal Tyranny & Government Corporate Media Big Tech Complex Controlling all of Life.


WHAT ACWT is doing about it:

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Gordon Chang Joins Me

Chinese companies buy up UK private schools, sparking fears of CCP influence

China revealing extent of its censorship with BBC ban: Gordon Chang

Chinese journalist details Beijing’s strategy to conquer Hong Kong and purge it of its people

China Lists Four ‘Red Lines’ to Biden, Demands US Lift Tariffs and Sanctions


Equality Act & Sen Rand Paul

HR 5 – the Equality Act, passed the House

Trump slams Equality Act, calls for protection of women’s sports

The Absurd Criticism of Rand Paul’s Rachel Levine Questioning

The Equality Act Makes Women Unequal