Show Links – The November 10th Show

Show Links – The November 10th Show

Articles reviewed in preparation for the November 10th show:

Election 2020 News

Ten Republican Attorneys General File Amicus Brief with Supreme Court in Pennsylvania Ballot Case

The year of the Republican woman

Michigan Election Fraud Lawsuit Alleges Backdating of Ballots

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: System ‘Glitch’ Also Uncovered In Wisconsin – Reversal of Swapped Votes Removes Lead from Joe Biden

Harmeet Dhillon: Republicans fight to ensure every legal vote is counted


Hans von Spakovsky, Election Law Expert, Joins Me

What to Know About Litigation Being Waged Across U.S. to Preserve Trump Presidency


Leftists Start Enemies Lists

AOC wants to cancel those who worked for Trump. Good luck with that, they say.

‘You are insane’: Conservatives slam AOC after she asks followers to archive list of ‘Trump sycophants’

The Trump Accountability Project

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  • Terri Ashbrook
    Posted at 08:04h, 11 November Reply

    Thank you so much. It has been totally heart wrenching to watch what the left has done since Obama. Of course, I don’t know how Trump has been able to hold up considering the spygate, the Russia hoax, the impeachment without a law broken, the framing of other key allies.
    As much as possible, it is our duty to insist on a fair election.
    I also have concerns about the fact that there has been no prosecutiion regarding the Obama, Biden corruption, abuse of power for their personal gains and to frame their opponents, using intelligent agencies and the IRS.
    I am afraid if the left is in control, there will never be justice.

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