Show Links – The November 18th Show

Show Links – The November 18th Show

Articles reviewed in preparation for the November 18th show:

Latest Vote & Election Fraud: Smartmatic, Sidney & Wayne County MI

Wayne Co. canvassers certify election results after initial deadlock

Sidney Powell: Here’s What a Smartmatic Whistleblower Said About Voter Fraud

Sidney Powell to Newsmax TV: Dominion Designed to ‘Rig Elections’

Harvesting the 2020 Election

“80 Million Votes”: Sidney Powell Drops Bombshell Prediction About the Finalized 2020 Election


The MO: How Leftists Destroy Freedom (YUGO WOMAN & FEDERER)

Yugoslavian Woman Gives Dire Warning to Americans


DEMS’   “Death to Honest Elections” Bill

House Democrats Introduce Landmark Reforms Package, the Protecting Our Democracy Act

It’s in the code: Trump won Michigan and Wisconsin

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