Show Links – The November 29th Show

Show Links – The November 29th Show

Arizona Election Update:

Cochise Won’t Certify, Mohave Does Under Threat

Arizona county board supervisors say they voted to certify election ‘under duress’

Is The Federal Government Rigging Maricopa County?


Interview with Elliott Resnick,

Author: Golden Nuggets & Founder: Jews4DonaldTrump

Nuggets of Gold: Donald Trump on Marriage, War, Plastic Straws, and 330 Other Topics


Defense of Marriage Act Debate TODAY

Twelve Republicans seem poised to make a terrible mistake and leap into the mire of a societal argument about marriage. Here’s why they shouldn’t.


WHY Joe Sixpack Should care about the Great Reset

Book is called Against the Great Reset: Eighteen Theses Contra the New World Order