Show Links – The October 19th Show

Show Links – The October 19th Show

Articles reviewed in preparation for the October 19th show:

FBI & DOJ: Dismantle & Rebuild


Biden Crime Family Exposed: Dot-Connecting

Ratcliffe says Hunter Biden laptop, emails ‘not part of some Russian disinformation campaign’

Must listen Rudy Giuliani breakdown of Hunter Biden laptop emails

Hunter Biden emails show leveraging connections with his father to boost Burisma pay

Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

Former Hunter Biden business partner gives 26,000 emails to Breitbart

Rudy Giuliani on Biden Laptop – 38 minute video
Rudy Giuliani on the Biden Laptop story

Trump in CA vs Anti-American Women’s March 

#TrumpTheEstablishment Trump Speech in October 2016

Women’s March Website & Mission

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