Statement on the Acquittal of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Statement on the Acquittal of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

The Texas Senate delivered justice to Texas A.G. Ken Paxton and to the people of the Lone Star State by acquitting him on all counts in the impeachment trial.  Ken Paxton is now Attorney General Ken Paxton, again.


This episode of Texas history is resonating in a positive way throughout America.


The impeachment encapsulated an ongoing battle in America between elitist, ‘ruling class’ government officials who ignore and/or overrule the will of the people, and the exploding Patriot Movement in America that will not tolerate that elitism any longer.


How we got here matters.  Some top-level points:


  • Texans are fed up with the repeated chicanery involved in electing the Speaker of the Texas House. My interview with Michael Quinn Sullivan on AmericaCanWeTalk about his recent documentary “The Texas Heist” explains how year after year Democrats control the Texas House despite Texas voters electing a solid Republican majority. The result is a Texas House that repeatedly fails to act on the legislative priorities of the voters who put them in office.


The Democrat-chosen Speaker, and his Democrat and moderate Republican allies in the House, conjured up and orchestrated the Paxton impeachment ambush, which voters recognized as further evidence of an elitist willingness to ignore and in this case actually overturn the will of the voters.


It’s time for this biennial Texas Heist and all of its distorting ramifications on Texas governance to end.


  • The process used in the House impeachment process was secretive, hidden from the public, and closer to a mindless mob feeding frenzy than an orderly, deliberative and lawful process worthy of the dignity that should characterize such a serious action taken in the great state of Texas. To wit:


  • Republican State Representative Smithee openly and accurately warned the Texas House that the investigators had not produced any actual evidence justifying a vote for impeachment.


  • GOP State Rep. Murr, who led the charge for impeachment, admitted that the witnesses did not testify under oath and were not subject to cross-examination in the ‘process’ that led to formulation of the articles of impeachment.


This sham of a process created a playground for false and/or unsubstantiated allegations, which were then sold to the public (and perhaps even to some unwitting House members) as if they were backed by hard evidence. Unsurprisingly, much of that unsworn testimony changed in the Senate trial and much “evidence” disintegrated under the sunlight of cross-examination.


  • Texas voters recognize that Ken Paxton is standing up for the preservation of Texas and America on a whole host of issues, and very few other elected officials are doing that. AG Paxton’s fight against election fraud, and for securing the border, and his willingness to investigate the pharmaceutical industry over the contents of and damage flowing from the covid jabs, are a small sampling of the issues Texas voters want him to fight over. That standing up is what matters to Texas voters.


  • Paxton’s primary and general election opponents in the runup to the 2022 election, as well as most of the media, made sure voters were aware of the various allegations that ultimately made up the substance of the articles of impeachment. But when it came time to decide, Texas voters decisively chose Ken Paxton as their Attorney General. And they want their choice respected…they want America’s promise of government ‘by the consent of the governed’ to be kept.


And that’s why the Paxton acquittal is resonating beyond the borders of Texas.


The multitude of charges against President Donald Trump in state and federal courts appear to be a transparent attempt by the Washington cabal to take down the candidate most Republicans want to nominate for the Presidency. This takedown is primarily a Democrat Party operation, unprecedented in America and far too similar to the brutal actions by past nefarious tyrants who unleash the power of the state on their political opposition. The half-hearted objections or even outright silence of too many Republicans in leadership positions about this cascade of unjustified accusations and indictments—this complete weaponization of the DOJ and perversion of the rule of law in order to interfere with and ultimately control the 2024 election—is deeply disturbing.  It amounts to an effort to nullify nationally the Constitution’s promise of government by the consent of the governed.


It is impossible to overstate the level of concern Americans feel about our country. The Patriot Movement is wide awake and striving to fight for the future of freedom in America. Those officials who worked to remove Ken Paxton as the Texas Attorney General and are working to do the same to Donald Trump in the race for the presidency, are either ignorant and oblivious to what is happening to America, ambivalent about surrendering to the leftists, or worse, are complicit in facilitating their Marxist takeover.


Voters will stand up for those who are standing up for Texas and America. That’s what Texas voters did in re-electing Ken Paxton in 2022, and that is why so many of them are celebrating Ken Paxton’s acquittal.


Debbie Georgatos

Texas RNC Committeewoman Candidate