Street Theater Alert

Street Theater Alert

Thanks to American Thinker for posting on December 15, 2019


The Saturday (Dec. 14) print edition of the New York Times carried an above-the-fold photo of House Judiciary Committee Democrat leaders praying before they held their already decided upon vote on the subject of impeachment.  They’re attempting to confer solemnity and genuineness on a process rife with nasty political venom and cavalier hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, online messages circulate from leftist organizers on a site called “” urging nationwide mini-protests on the eve of the full House impeachment vote, demanding the impeachment and removal of President Trump because “no one is above the law.”  A quick review of their “partners” reveals a variety of radical leftist organizations that even a minimal amount of sleuthing shows are Soros-linked and funded groups.

It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry.

This is pure Alinsky-Soros street theater.

Democrats are the political party that boos God at their convention; that take the oath of office with hands on books other than the Bible; that don’t bother swearing in witnesses to tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” — with that awful and silly conclusion “…so help me God” (maybe because perjury charges could follow for untruths).  They’re the party of no tolerance for people of faith who wish to remain true to their beliefs about marriage and life.

It’s not going to work — not just because the planned pro-impeachment mobs won’t change the House vote, and most certainly will not change the Senate vote, but because the American people are not buying it.  The more the public learns and knows about the fraudulent Russia Collusion scandal and the CIA/DOJ/FBI’s attempted coup, and about the “Biden can do exactly what Trump is falsely accused of doing, but Biden should be President and Trump should be impeached” standard in this Democrat impeachment effort, the more the orchestrated, inauthentic impeachment mob protest will be seen as just that:  orchestrated and inauthentic.

The godless elite that drive the left in this country and worldwide persistently try to co-opt the Judeo-Christian faith — to distort its teachings to fit their goals — but this effort at appearing pious while committing a grotesque injustice won’t succeed.  People of faith understand that truth does exist, that the rule of law does matter.  They despise double standards and detest mockery of earnest faith.  Honest hearts see right through this manipulation.

As a certain former president might say, let’s be clear: House Democrat leaders are not sincerely praying to God for guidance or anything else.  The impeachment process is replete with denials of truth, distortions of truth, the propping up of lies, and evisceration of basic notions of fairness, due process, and justice.  People engaged in such conduct cannot convince the American people that they are inspired by faith or the Bible.

There is no organic uprising or increase of support in America for the impeachment and removal of President Trump.

There are NeverTrumps who have opposed the president since before he won and before he ever spoke to President Zelensky.  But today, House Democrats fear that more of their own members will not support impeachment, and a House Democrat has announced he will be switching parties because of impeachment.

On Main Street USA, there is an upsurge of confidence in America and Americans; there is hope and optimism.  The idea that across the fruited plain there is a groundswell of fiery demand to remove the president is ridiculous.  The bought and paid for protests will not resonate.

The Twitter-sphere that claims otherwise is not real America and never has been; it is almost always abused by leftist Twitter masters to make themselves look more numerous and persuasive than they are.  They are 2019’s practitioners of Alinsky’s Rule #1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks (or can be fooled into thinking) you have.”

So don’t buy the street theater coming soon to a town square near you.

What the left is doing, though leftists can’t process it, is assuming within the American heartland a stupidity and gullibility that simply doesn’t exist.  Leftists make this assumption because for them, the idea of faith in God has always been a proxy for stupidity and gullibility.  And so they themselves are suckers for the belief that all a leftist has to do is put on the mask of religious sincerity and voice the words of patriotism, and the idiot people of faith will wander over and salute them.

What the left is actually doing is driving America to a landslide re-election of President Trump that will make Boris Johnson’s U.K. victory look like a squeaker.

Eric Georgatos