Leftism is driven by committee advice; it’s how the echo-chambering communal groupthink works.

After the White House COVID “Winter of Death” messaging was ridiculed and ignored by almost everyone in the general public, the communications team quickly went back to the drawing board.  You can almost hear Ron Klain instructing the team to find ways to avoid the ‘Grinch team‘ labeling.

However, the ordinary emotional disposition of leftists and Democrats, writ large, is depressing, angry and negative, the result from a lifetime of blame casting.  The most valued skillset advancing the career of any professional leftist, is their ability to project victimhood.  If you do this long enough, it becomes the only thing you know how to do.  ‘Hang around a one-legged man long enough and you will walk with a limp’.

As a direct result, the political left genuinely does not understand or experience joy, nor do they have a connection to the emotion of happiness. So, when the political left gets together in a focus group to discuss the urgent need to shift messaging from pessimism, which turns everyone off, they end up with recommendations like this:

Yes, White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, hired dancing nurses to come into the East Room to deliver a performance of the First Lady.  In the video below the group sings about the joy of covid, the “winter of death”, and needing to spread a little Christmas cheer.

You might find the entire performance cringeworthy, because it is.  The messaging is ridiculous, odd and, well, just plain weird.  However, this is what happens when the narrative pendulum swings wildly amid the communications team.   The base of Biden supporters, ideological leftists, do not see the cringe, instead they see it as cute – but that’s because they have no connection to the actual emotion of Christmas joy.

What you end up with is this weird North Korean style performance of nurses dancing in unison and singing.  The expression on Jill Biden’s face is exactly the same look you might find on the face of Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo Jung.   To the White House this is cute and fun; however, the look on the faces of the American audience is an uncomfortable grin.

[You can find the dance video embedded in a tweet here.]

Odd Note:  All the people of color were forced to wear a mask and dance, the two white ladies prominently featured were not.  If the politics of the administration was reversed, this implied message would be amplified by those who are highly skilled at looking for the victim narrative.  The media would be shouting racism.  However, with a Democrat ally in the White House, the media must pretend not to notice such things.

It’s all bizarre. All of it.