Tactical War; Racist Virus?

Tactical War; Racist Virus?

Articles reviewed in preparation for the March 12th show:

Tactical War on Coronavirus

Top hospital Cleveland Clinic develops a coronavirus test that will deliver results in just EIGHT HOURS compared to 2 to 7 days needed for other tests

President Trump restricts ‘all travel’ from EU to US starting Friday

14-day COVID-19 quarantine no longer necessary in Sacramento County, officials say

US Coronavirus Fatality Rate Is Overestimated, Experts Say


Reggie Littlejohn, China Expert & Founder of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers


America Fights Virus & Left Fights Trump

CNN’s Jim Acosta called hypocrite by critics after ‘xenophobia’ remark following Trump’s address

Since When Are Viruses Racist?

AOC: People are avoiding Chinese restaurants due to ‘straight-up racism’ surrounding coronavirus


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