Tal Bachman on Steynonline: “We Have Met the Enemy, Part II”

Tal Bachman on Steynonline: “We Have Met the Enemy, Part II”

A month ago, we drew attention to Part 1 of Bachman’s so far two-part essay titled “We Have Met the Enemy”.  He’s now published Part II, and it’s just as insightful as Part 1.

Bachman is not the first and won’t be the last to point out the irony that radical leftism tends to emerge from the most atheistic among us, yet as it develops its agenda, goals and tactics, it becomes virtually indistinguishable from the most rigid, intolerant, ritualistic version of the traditional religions leftists so despise.  The only thing missing is….love.   And boy is it ever missing.


I begin with this statement:

Wokism is now the official state religion of the United States of America.

By constitutional standards, this means something has gone wrong. The United States isn’t supposed to have a state religion. The First Amendment specifically prohibits the establishment of a state religion. Yet it now has one, and its name is Wokism.

Fuss about my characterization if you want—it won’t change anything. Wokism, or some substream of Wokism (like critical race theory), is now celebrated or taught as Absolute Truth in every elementary school class, every middle and high school class, every university class, every corporate training session, every Capitol Hill political chamber, every Hollywood movie or cable show, every civic ceremony, every law, every political speech, every novel, every awards show, every sports league, every everything. It’s even become big in churches, as I noted here. The One True Truth of Wokism is preached everywhere now.

Government, its corporate allies, and cultural institutions (they’re all one big blob now) all fund Wokism. They, along with their street troops, all demand Wokist belief and perfect compliance with Wokist commandments and rituals. They all punish those who question Wokist orthodoxy, often by completely ruining their lives. They fire dissentersban them from social media foreverinitiate global social media pile-ons, and even threaten to kill them. Sometimes our officially Wokist government sends in goon squads to scare, or even arrest, those who dare criticize Wokism’s Sith Lord thought pontiffs.

This is no way to live. I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to live in a society run by frothing ideologues who have declared war on human biologylogic, and mathematics; on unborn childrenconfused adolescents, and the traditional familial arrangements which raise them; on Shakespeare and Homer; on Bach, Debussy, and Holst; on fundamental fairness, decency, and other traditional virtues; on reality itself—on survival itself. These people are all manic, God-hating, obsessive-compulsive nation-destroyers, community-destroyers, culture-destroyers, family-destroyers, individual-destroyers, love-destroyers, beauty-destroyers, everything-destroyers.


Much to think about.