Telegram – Family Advice at Christmas

Telegram – Family Advice at Christmas

Telegram seems to be a rapidly growing new social media outlet, and has so far remained free enough to attract the thinkers and writers who are being banned or otherwise censored by Big Tech.

We don’t know the author behind the Telegram channel “” but whoever it is has captured an interesting perspective on the family divisions that seem to be accompanying this bizarre era.

From a Christmas posting:

A quick thought on how to handle family and loved ones this Christmas…

Suspend judgement.

We’re all living through the most screwed up time in our lifetimes and all of us are navigating the best that we can.

Your friends and family who push vaccination and medical apartheid have been brainwashed to believe their thoughts are their own..

That’s not the case.

Your friends and family are victims of extreme mental and emotional abuse that have come down from the highest institutions in the country…

Did the people who advocated for the extermination of the Jews actually think that was the right thing to do?


They were victims of massive propaganda and we’re led to believe those thoughts were their own.

Those thoughts were not their own.

Now, thank GOD and give him praise for Omicron.

It’s a MASSIVE red pill.

I have 3 family members, all fully vaxxed who caught Omicron.

They’re now thinking “we shut the world down for this?”

I suspect there are many, MANY more red pills coming down the pipeline.

That said, suspend judgement, love them, and be willing to lead as people find out that much like Santa, this SCAMDEMIC was never real.

Merry Christmas patriots.