The Anchor of Thanksgiving – Repost

The Anchor of Thanksgiving – Repost

Reprinted with permission from “Brushfires of Freedom – A Collection of Pro-American Essays” by Paul Gable  available for sale on this site, under “Books” (embedded links no longer active). 

Kind of interesting to read these words…written in 2010.


The Thanksgiving holiday is a spiritual anchor of America—perhaps as important to the preservation of the nation as its founding documents.

No matter how aggressive the efforts to secularize it with football games and ‘black Friday’ shopping extravaganzas; no matter how determined the historical revisionists may be as to the real story of the original Thanksgiving, there is no escaping the truth that Thanksgiving is about the place of God in America. The fact that it is a national holiday that calls upon all to give thanks for divine blessings—unique among the nations of the world—stands as powerful evidence of the inarguable link between the place of God in America and America’s exceptionalism.

There is quite a storm raging around this anchor in 2010. A fraudulent administration seemingly gained power in 2009—an administration which denies America’s heritage as a Judeo-Christian nation, denies American exceptionalism, is attempting to borrow and spend the country into bankruptcy as the means to seize greater control over the people, intends to make almighty secular government into the god of perpetually helpless and ignorant masses—in the simplest of terms, an administration that seeks to ignore and ultimately destroy the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution and by so doing, reverse the monumental steps of progress for humanity that these founding documents represent.

The leftist cabal in the executive branch of government does not think of human beings as created in the image and likeness of a loving God, and capable of great good when living in freedom and with responsibility to follow the moral guidelines of the Bible. It sees instead elites and non-elites, and human authority and power in the hands of godless intellectuals as the necessary and correct dictator of who can do what and who shall have what.

Americans have been reluctant to come to grips with the evil nature of this storm. They have not wanted to believe that a political party in America could nominate, and Americans could elect, a government capable of not only inviting but engineering and magnifying such a storm. But they see it now, and earlier this month took the first step toward riding it out.

Americans will ride out this storm, though repairing the damage may take awhile. Here is where the anchor of Thanksgiving is so important. Because it helps all Americans to remember that the founding of this nation is not an historical accident, nor the clever work of a random collection of political wise men who happened to live in a certain place in the 18th century. It is, as George Washington put it, evidence of ‘the hand of the divine Providence’ in the unfolding course of time.

This hand has not gone anywhere; it has not disappeared or become impotent. It is just as present now as it was in the 18th century, or the first. All that’s needed is a chastened people, ready, as Washington was at Valley Forge, to figuratively and even literally get down on its individual and collective knees and seek divine help and guidance to get through the storm. More and more Americans have been doing exactly that, and with greater and greater intensity and sincerity as the nature of this storm has fully dawned on them.

The anchor of Thanksgiving will not be unmoored. There is real divine power, and there is the seeming power of human pretenders. It’s no contest.

Paul Gable [Eric Georgatos]

November 25, 2010