The Attempt to Abort 2000 Mules

The Attempt to Abort 2000 Mules

As Steve Bannon and others like to say, there are no coincidences.

The same night Dinesh D’Souza’s film “2000 Mules” opens nationally with video/data-based, stone cold proof of outcome-changing, organized-crime level election fraud in 2020, a leak of a draft SCOTUS opinion overturning Roe v. Wade appears in left-leaning Politico.

Tomorrow’s headlines will scream about the leaked opinion; BLM and antifa will be activated to protest the apparent SCOTUS decision and riot in blue cities; and 2000 Mules won’t rate footnote-level coverage…in the hopes that it will be forever buried as non-newsworthy in relation to the magnitude of the SCOTUS leak.

Looks like another sign of just how desperate and malicious and determined the deep state mental manipulation apparatus is to squelch talk of election fraud, and intimidate the conservative justices of SCOTUS and the general American public with threats of violence.

These are the times that try men’s souls.

America is under the most vicious and malicious assault in her history, and it is coming from within her borders, from people who are largely invisible to the public at large.

The radical left knows an historic rebuke is coming in November 2022 elections (if such elections are free and fair); everything Biden is doing is only increasing the likelihood of a landslide rebuke; election fraud awareness combined with record rebuke-motivated turnout may swamp the left’s ability to cheat–so what tactics remain for the radical left to turn to?

On the surface, the SCOTUS leak might seem an attempt to re-stoke the Democrat base and hope for enough turnout to hold back the landslide.  Much more likely is an intent to stoke violence and social unrest to such a level that the November elections can be postponed for safety and security reasons.

Americans have been sensing for months that they are being played–a rigged election; a plandemic; a destroyed economy; a smothering of the energy industry; creation of supply chain problems and food shortages; a Ukraine war narrative that is way too over-the-top in support of a manifestly corrupt government…and now this unprecedented SCOTUS leak.    The left is putting the boot on the neck of America, and hoping to finish the job.

America’s founding ideals are divinely inspired; they are for the blessing of all mankind.  Hatred for any ideas associated with the concept of the ‘divine’ is as old as the Bible.  In what seem to be historically recurring cycles, that hatred rises to a level of foam and fury that demands an outlet–causing enormous destruction and woe–and then is defeated, ultimately, by the power of Truth.

And so George Washington on his knees in the snow at Valley Forge is the model for patriots today.  Washington could not have known how it could be possible to achieve victory given the realities of how the Revolutionary War was proceeding at that time.  He could only pray, and trust that he was acting in support of a right and righteous idea of human freedom, and eventually, this right idea would prevail against the thought that would put it down.  And so his duty was to pray and do everything in his power to preserve that idea.  We are going to have to do the same.


P.S. D’Souza’s research for the film was enough for him to conclude unequivocally that the 2020 election was stolen.  From our perspective, based on all that has been revealed in Mesa County, Colorado regarding the voting machines, the ballot-trafficking and ballot-harvesting dimension of the rigged 2020 election that D’Souza confirmed was trivial in comparison to what the machines did.