The Cult of Self-Worship

The Cult of Self-Worship

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn flagged this post–“Self-Worship is the World’s Fastest Growing Religion“–on his Telegram channel.

Lt. Gen. Flynn understands that the deeper picture of what’s going on involves spiritual warfare as well as information warfare, and at the core of the spiritual warfare is the question of whether Americans are ready to surrender their Judeo-Christian heritage for a ‘post-modern’, post-Christianity, ‘post-truth’ world that secular elites believe to be the destiny of the ‘new world order’.  In that world, self-absorption runs rampant, even to the point the poster refers to as ‘the cult of self-worship’.

An excerpt to ponder: 

“Here’s the problem with this cult of self-worship—besides the obvious problem of being a rebellion against God: When we try to be our own sources of truth, we slowly drive ourselves crazy. When we try to be our own sources of satisfaction, we become miserable wrecks. When we become our own standard of goodness and justice, we become obnoxiously self-righteous. When we seek self-glorification, we become more inglorious.”

Lt. Gen. Flynn will someday have an extremely honored place in American history.