The Democrats Face the Bayonets

The Democrats Face the Bayonets

Thanks to American Thinker for posting on December 6, 2019!

So Nancy Pelosi has apparently decided to go all-in with her call for an impeachment vote.  The standard wisdom on Pelosi is that she is not of the radical left, but she’s cunning, a master tea leaf reader and Swamp survivor, and so she doesn’t make rash moves.

She’s evidently decided this is the right move at the right time.  We’ll soon see.

There’s something about the timing of Pelosi’s announcement relative to next Monday’s release of IG Horowitz’s report that makes it seem very possible she’s going for a grand bargain with President Trump.

She’s on record saying there will be a House vote because the facts of Trump’s egregious behavior warrant no less.  That, in her world, constitutes a giant sword of Damocles over Trump (he’ll be in the history books as an ‘impeached President’) or, more practically, a giant negotiating chit with President Trump when the ‘stuff’ hits the fan from Horowitz’ report and the Barr/Durham follow-up.

Observers of the Swamp are fairly confident Ms. Pelosi already knows what is in the Horowitz report.  And if she knows what’s in the Horowitz report, she also has a pretty clear idea of the roadmap Barr/Durham are pursuing.

Observers of publicly reported facts are also fairly confident that even with the limitations of IG authority (can’t convene a grand jury; can’t interview non-employees of the affected agencies; and in Horowitz’ particular case, can’t interview former CIA Director John Brennan), and even with the swampish, under-stated style of Horowitz himself, there will still be in Horowitz’ report enough documented, egregious abuse to connect the dots more powerfully than ever before:  the Obama administration orchestrated sabotage against the campaign of a duly nominated presidential candidate, and orchestrated a coup against a duly elected President of the United States of America.

And the word ‘orchestrated’ in this context includes the fabrication of evidence and the deliberate leaking by top officials of confidential information to harm Donald Trump.  It is behavior the vast majority of Americans have never thought their government officials to be capable of; it is deceit and dishonesty on a nearly unimaginable scale; it is unconscionable evil.

IG Horowitz’ report will both confirm and add fuel to the bonfire of anger already sweeping the country among American patriots.  The demand for Barr/Durham to impose accountability will be at DefCon 3, and not even clubby senators are going to be able to manage or control it.

And so Nancy Pelosi may believe she had better have something in hand to bargain with President Trump to temper the fire that might just consume for decades the Democratic Party that lies behind this grotesque abuse of government power.

So Pelosi’s pitch may be:  Mr. Trump, we’ll drop the impeachment vote if you’ll call off Barr/Durham.  You can then tweet all you want about what Horowitz reported (and we’ll rely on the MSM to smother it, and report our counter-spin), and we’ll yammer all we want about the serious case for impeachment that we’ve uncovered.  But to save the country from the risk of hot war, we’ll drop our impeachment attack on you, and you’ll drop the Barr/Durham attack on our coup.

So about those bayonets…

‘Fix bayonets’, exemplifies the American spirit when the stakes are at their highest.  The Union prevailed in the Civil War because of that spirit; in fact, the entire tide of that war may have turned when a seemingly overmatched, out of ammunition Union Colonel Joshua Chamberlain turned the tables on the enemy by a savage assault armed with only… bayonets.   Read up on it, or better yet, recall our friend Lt. Col. Allen West bringing the spirit of ‘bayonets’ to modern ears in a stirring speech in Florida in 2009.

Nancy Pelosi has no familiarity with that spirit; neither do Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Strzok, Mueller, Schiff and Nadler, nor their Democrat-operatives-with-bylines that constitute the MSM.  But it exists, and it’s still out there in the heartland, and there is absolutely nothing even remotely comparable to it as a counterweight on the side of the transparently ridiculous, contrived, despicable impeachment scam (see Jonathan Turley).

Count us among those who don’t buy the ‘savvy Pelosi’ narrative.  She has threatened a step too far, based on a grotesque misunderstanding and miscalculation of the American spirit and soul.

There isn’t going to be a grand bargain with President Trump; American patriots know that what is at stake is far bigger than President Trump and his deplorable supporters.  It’s about whether the all-out leftist war against America is going to be defeated.

No, we’re not advocating or wishing for violence; but Nancy Pelosi’s miscalculation is seeding and inciting it.

Let’s hope Nancy & Co. pull back from the precipice, vote down or abandon the impeachment with a simple “we still despise him and believe he is unfit to be President, but impeachment doesn’t fit, and censure is enough”, and stop this assault on America.

If she won’t, and the Senate continues with this farce in just about any form, the spirit of Colonel Joshua Chamberlain may come alive in millions of Americans who have had enough.

Eric Georgatos