The Litany of Lies…Ask Why?

The Litany of Lies…Ask Why?

There’s a tsunami of righteous indignation sweeping America.

That’s because a relentless barrage of ruling class lies is finally being seen not only as a relentless barrage of lies, but as lies all tilting in one direction and serving the same purpose.

Let’s review the ruling class story lines that in each case have now been established as deliberate lies/willful deception.

  1. Russia collusion – Donald Trump secretly colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.


The truth:  A Robert Mueller-led $40M+, 40 FBI agent, Lawfare staffed investigation found nothing; a complete hoax.  There was never any evidence to support the collusion narrative; there were only lies and fabricated evidence.  But 3+ years of fake news and commentary was extraordinarily damaging to the fabric of America.  When truth emerged that the Hillary Clinton campaign actually orchestrated the concoction of this hoax by cooking up the “Russian dossier,”  that story held no interest for the fake news crew.


  1. “Very fine people” – The lie was that Donald Trump praised white supremacists in Charlotte, Virginia as ‘very fine people’.


The truth:  Video and transcripts of Trump’s remarks exist and prove beyond any doubt exactly what he said, and he did NOT praise white supremacists in any way, shape or form.  All Trump said was that there were very fine people on both sides of the question of whether statues of some civil war era figures should be taken down.  Yet Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign based on a repetition of the ‘very fine people’ lie.


  1. Ukraine phone call/impeachment – Donald Trump called Ukrainian officials to improperly seek dirt on potential rival Joe Biden.


The truth:  Joe Biden is on video establishing and bragging about his corruption involving the Ukraine, and Hunter Biden’s laptop supplied a mother lode of information showing the Biden family’s corruption in Ukraine, China, Iran and other places.


An American President would be in dereliction of duty NOT to ask questions of Ukrainian officials to get to the bottom of the obvious Biden corruption.  But instead of urging indictments and prosecution of the Biden family, the secular elites who profess to govern the country transformed this lie into grounds for the impeachment of the President.


  1. Russian bounty – Russians were incentivizing the Taliban in Afghanistan by placing a bounty on US soldiers in Afghanistan, and President Trump was willfully, irresponsibly and dangerously ignoring this fact.


The truth:  Intelligence agencies later made clear there was no evidence to support the ‘bounty’ story.  But Liz Cheney, among others, ran with this lie.  And she never apologized when the government confirmed there was nothing to the story.


  1. Soldiers in Normandy – President Trump badmouthed deceased US soldiers as ‘suckers’ during a visit to Normandy.


Just about every mainstream media outlet ran with this, multiple times.


The truth:  This story was never believable and never corroborated by anyone on the record, while multiple at-the-site/at-the-time witnesses denied it on the record.  It is inconsistent with everything Trump said and did to support the US military, but it fit a caricature of Trump that the Trump-haters wanted to create and/or believe in.


  1. Photo op tear-gassing – President Trump ordered ‘peaceful protesters’ to be tear-gassed and cleared out of the way so he could do a photo-op of himself holding a Bible in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church.


The truth:  An Inspector General report completely dismissed this narrative as false.  There was no evidentiary basis for it.  Yet the montage of media parrots pounding this story for all it was worth is truly staggering.   The damage done to America by these lies is nearly impossible to calculate.   Even a long-respected General James Mattis jumped in to denounce the Commander-in-Chief for such an outrageous action taken against American citizens.  There was no basis whatsoever for his denunciation except a false news report.


Where is Mattis with his deep and heartfelt apology?


  1. HCQ efficacy–Hydroxychloroquine was suggested by Trump as an effective remedy or therapy for covid-19, and was therefore roundly denounced by Fauci and mocked by the Pravda media, and hospital boards and medical licensing boards and many physicians refused to prescribe it.


Such poor handling of the discussion of covid-19 and what to do about it was propped up by the Pravda media as a reason to oust Trump.


The truth:   There were never any medical studies suggesting danger in the use of HCQ; there were many studies suggesting it could be helpful; and there are now studies confirming efficacyYet to this day, Google/YouTube censors even a US Senator for speaking about early treatment of covid with HCQ.


The extraordinarily sad and outrageous reality:  it almost certain that innocent Americans trusting in the integrity of public health officials—died as a result of being denied HCQ.  One author has argued that US public health officials who suppressed HCQ are guilty of crimes against humanity.


  1. Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation – No less than 50 former US ‘intelligence officials’ joined to pronounce the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop having been seized and found full of massively incriminating and generally detestable behavior by Hunter Biden and the Biden family, as likely ‘Russian disinformation’, not to be trusted.


The truth:  There was no factual basis whatsoever for the statement by the 50 former intelligence officials.  None.  Zero.  It was intentionally misleading.  It was done entirely to provide political cover to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.


  1. Post-election Call to Georgia – President Trump called the Georgia Secretary of State to pressure the SOS to find him the votes to overturn Biden’s win.


The truth:  Eye, or more accurately, ear-witness participants in the call and an audio recording of it refuted the false depiction of what Trump said.  Trump saw an obviously corrupt Georgia election and urged care.


The Georgia legislature is still trying to catch up to what Trump and everyone else saw from the beginning.


  1. Multiple police officers killed by a mob on January 6th– A Trump-inspired, violent mob stormed the US Capitol, and killed five police officers, including one who was bludgeoned to death by a Trump supporter wielding a fire extinguisher.


The truth:  One officer, Brian Sicknick, died two days after January 6th of two naturally occurring strokes.  He was never bludgeoned or hit by anyone, much less by anyone wielding a fire extinguisher.  No other officers were killed.


The only person killed on January 6th was protester Ashli Babbitt, and in the age of otherwise doxing every police officer using lethal force, the government has refused to disclose the name of the officer who shot Ms. Babbitt.


In fact, the entire January 6th insurrection narrative is collapsing for lack of evidence.  There has been a definitive FBI/DOJ finding that no arms were found on anyone at the Capitol, and there are reported to be 14,000 hours of videotape of what took place at the Capitol that have not been released to the public.  Photos and videos have already leaked showing Capitol police inviting people into the Capitol.  There is a video circulating that seems to show antifa/BLM people, in full body armor, entering the Capitol before the so-called Trump mob.  But even putting aside those videos, if other videos showed out-of-control, ‘storming’, insurrection-level violence, does anyone believe they wouldn’t have already been mainlined to every legacy media outlet?


If, after the dam finally breaks in Arizona and other states, and the scope of election fraud becomes evident in actual cyber/forensic data as promised by Patrick Byrne, the January 6th narrative may change dramatically:  it may be viewed in hindsight a remarkably restrained reaction by the American people to what they rightly sensed from the beginning as an election crime against them and their country that was not resisted by the institutions that are supposed to protect both.


  • Wuhan Lab Leak – Covid-19 was a spontaneously occurring accident of nature, and the Fauci-led response was an honest, good faith attempt to cope with it using the best available science. Trump just didn’t handle it properly.


The truth: It’s almost impossible to tally up all the lies feeding into this story line.  Laura Ingraham made an attempt here.


Increasingly, connecting the dots suggests that nothing about the outbreak, the prescription of lockdowns, masks and social distancing, the counting of deaths, the suppression of non-vaccine therapies, the formulation of vaccines—none of it—was accidental or reflective of real-time judgements made in good faith on the basis of data.


The whole thing, from start to finish, increasingly looks like the following of a gamed-out script written by people who believe their worldview of what’s best for America and the masses is the only worldview, and it must and shall be imposed, consent of the governed be damned. And it had the unmistakable benefit of enabling and justifying mail-in ballots, which anyone with even an ounce of integrity knows is the on-ramp to a freeway of election fraud.  There is no question that on-ramp was used in November 2020.



Listing these lies in June 2021 in an abbreviated form as above does not remotely do justice to, much less repair, the enormous damage done to America and all Americans at the time the lies were being circulated and amplified by the leftwing media mob.

The question for Americans still staggered by the concept that they live in country with such an institutional capacity for vicious, deliberate and repeated lying is….why?  Why all the lies?  Why do all the lies have one purpose—to take down Trump?

Is it really because Trump was a uniquely bad character as measured against prior US Presidents?  In what way, exactly?  And exactly how is a manifestly senile and demonstrably corrupt Joe Biden (with his son Hunter) a morally superior character?

Americans are gradually waking up to realize the extent to which all of these lies are NOT and have never been motivated by the desire to rid the country of the uniquely bad character of Donald Trump.  As noted in a recent post from  American Thinker:

Let it be made clear: a false report in a newspaper constitutes an intentional act of willful deception of its readers.  That is what Pravda in the former Soviet Union was all about: willfully deceiving the Soviet people of political reality for the purpose of maintaining totalitarian control over them.

All that appears to be left in the US government are radical leftist, secular elites who believe their right, entitled role is to exercise totalitarian rule over ignorant masses, including especially those ignorant religious people who are always getting in the way of their plans for re-engineering and controlling humanity. The people in authority positions in US institutions don’t respect the truth; they don’t tell the truth.  They believe their opinions and worldview are the truth.

This has been the thrust of every enemy of America: to stamp out its foundation of individual freedom and responsibility under God, with limited government empowered only upon the consent of the governed…and with a legal system built on reverence for truth as fundamental to the administration and delivery of justice.

Donald Trump may only mildly understand this in religious terms, but he has always had a gut level love of America and freedom.  But he got in the way of a long-planned leftist takeover of America, and the leftist’ plan to get him out of the way was to lie about him and his agenda, over and over and over and over again—i.e., to get Americans to accept the ultimate lie:  that getting rid of Trump was the only way to save America.  The truth is the opposite.

The American people are seeing and feeling how profoundly they have been lied to.  It’s going to be an interesting summer.