The Meddlesome Mommy-State: Government Choosing Breastfeeding for your baby!

The Meddlesome Mommy-State: Government Choosing Breastfeeding for your baby!

Government’s job is to choose for you between breastfeeding and formula for your own baby!? Who knew?

Ladies, New York City Mayor (and fake Republican) Michael Bloomberg, in his latest meddling maneuver, revealed a policy set to go into effect on September 3rd, in which New York hospitals will lock away baby formula just like other “regulated substances,” in an effort to compel new mothers to breastfeed!

In previous meddling news, Mayor Bloomberg announced earlier this year a proposed ban on sugary drinks (sodas) larger than a certain size, to help reduce obesity. (Unclear how effective that’ll be since anyone can always buy 2 of the permissible size, at least for now!) But I digress…

Latch on NYC will be voluntary, but hospitals and breastfeeding advocates are already on board drooling over this effort to coerce new moms to breastfeed or else endure the prospect of having to ask the hospital staff for the verboten baby formula, and no doubt endure a condescending lecture about the virtues of breastfeeding.

No one questions that breastfeeding is better for babies—most of us did it! And public information campaigns may be a fair use of your tax dollars. But should Mayor Bloomberg and his health-police really be intimidating moms into making the personal choice to breastfeed?

This may seem minor, but it is setting, or more accurately perpetuating, the precedent that government makes your (and your baby’s) health care decisions.

Lots of natural food advocates will tell you that processed baby food you purchase in cans or jars is not nearly as healthy for your baby as homemade food prepared by grinding up natural food and family food at home. Could be true. So maybe those baby food jars should be shelved too high in grocery stores for moms to reach, so they’ll have to find a clerk to climb up and get them down!

One of the purposes of this Ladies, Can We Talk website is to point out when government is unnecessarily intrusive. While each instance may seem minor on its own, the collective impact of the government acting as your mommy is the surrender of more of your freedom, and the agreement that government really does have a role to play in running your day-to-day life, and helping you to make personal decisions.

Ladies —find your inner spunk! Speak up when you hear about meddlesome mommy government—talk to your friends about things like this so more people start questioning big government’s “busybody-ness.”