The Moral Bankruptcy of the New York Times

The Moral Bankruptcy of the New York Times

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas must drive NYT management into foaming-at-the-mouth levels of fury, as he exposes the NYT for who they are and what they do.

O’Keefe’s latest video expose (below) shows Matthew Rosenberg, a Pulitzer Prize winning NYT reporter, relishing and reveling in the company of a young woman, and spouting off the truth of his actual take on January 6th–there was no danger, it was not organized, the area was full of FBI informants, and on and on.

Yet the NYT has led the charge to call January 6th an insurrection; it has point-blank lied about the death of officer Brian Sicknick being caused by a Trump supporter striking him with a fire extinguisher; and to this day it carries the water for its worldview that intellectual elites–which they view themselves to be–must rule over all others, the ‘consent of the governed’ be damned.  So if it takes a totally fraudulent narrative to intimidate and silence these ‘domestic terrorists’ who question election integrity and covid lies, then so be it.  Damn the truth; lie to control.

Everybody is entitled to their worldview of the way things ought to be, and under the First Amendment, the right to advocate for how to bring about that worldview.  But what the NYT is doing, over and over and over again, is simply dishonest.  SimplyDishonest.

It’s amazing that anyone even reads the NYT, much less defers to it.